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Genealogy blog: Save the graves

Hunting Kiwis is attempting to record remote and historic Canterbury headstones before further earthquake damage occurs. 

The Hunting Kiwis website gives the following information:

"Following the 7.1 Darfield earthquake in Canterbury that struck the region in the early hours of 4 September, 2010, many homes and businesses throughout the area were damaged, some beyond repair.

"So, too, were many of the old gravestones found in Canterbury’s rural cemeteries, particularly those close to the epicentre near Darfield.

"To ensure these valuable historic stones are recorded for future generations, Hunting Kiwis is committed to photographically recording all the rural cemeteries in Canterbury, of which there are many."

Update:  Sadly, the Christchurch 6.3 earthquake in Canterbury on 22 February devastated some of Canterbury’s earliest churches in Lyttelton and Christchurch, and no doubt many cemeteries have also been affected. It is too early for me to ascertain the extent of the damage to rural cemeteries near the epicentre of the 6.3 near Lyttelton. 

Here's an amazing site for New Zealand cemeteries. Be prepared to 'play' for hours!

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