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Genesis creates a one-stop-shop for home automation
Tue, 20th Feb 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Imagine an online marketplace where you can explore and learn about a diverse range of New Zealand-supported products to help you connect, manage and control your energy.

This is what Energyhub aims to offer New Zealanders.

The hub, which is currently a pilot, is an example of how Genesis is ‘co-creating' with its customers to help them reimagine energy.

Genesis executive general manager digital and technology Jennifer Cherrington-Mowat believes Energyhub will help customers discover the convenience of a connected home.

Cherrington-Mowat says, “It's a portal of New Zealand-supported smart technology from trusted and world-leading brands enabling you to connect, manage and control your energy.

“Here you'll find everything energy-related for use in and around your home, from solar packages to home energy monitors, electric vehicles, home security, lighting, kitchen whiteware and audio gear.

“Eventually you'll even be able to buy lightbulbs here, though they'll be nothing like the old incandescent globes we've traditionally used to light up our homes.

As well as learning about what products and services are on offer, Cherrington-Mowat says that Energyhub users can also talk about their experiences with these same products, sharing their insights, tips and stories.

Cherrington-Mowat continues, “Genesis is changing, and we're working hard to make sure our customers show us what this change needs to look like.

“We'll be keeping an eye on what's popular and what's not and asking for feedback, all of this will help us determine future features for the hub.

Other major initiatives launched by Genesis over the past two years also involve bringing customers together to share their energy experiences and insights.

Cherrington-Mowat concludes, “In the south Wairarapa, our Local Energy Project is a test-bed for new approaches to energy use, management and storage and has been running for one year.

“Around 20,000 customers are participating in Energy IQ, designed to help customers plan and manage their energy use.

The insights delivered by these various initiatives will supposedly help Genesis offer its customers new choices and possibilities when it comes to managing their energy.