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Getac unveils AI-ready rugged Android tablet, ZX80
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

Getac has made strides to enhance its offering of versatile Android devices with the launch of the AI-ready ZX80. This 8-inch fully-rugged tablet aims to solve the intricate day-to-day challenges of industries such as utilities, transportation, and manufacturing, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The compact and highly configurable ZX80 is poised to enhance operations in challenging field environments. Light enough for mobile operations yet rugged for industrial applications, this new device blends optimal functionality and flexibility, delivering an edge to sectors that include utilities, manufacturing, and transportation. The device is Android 13 ready and is designed to support multiple Android OS upgrades, thus enabling users to seize new features promptly.

The ZX80's design is purpose-built to withstand demanding industrial conditions. With its lightweight form factor, a wide operating temperature range, and a bright 1,000 nit screen, this tablet assures quality performance under critical circumstances, such as controlling unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or operating forklift trucks. It bears MIL-STD-810H and IP67 certifications and exhibits a 1.8 metre drop resistance, making it a robust tool for intensive fieldwork. Additionally, the inclusion of Getac’s hot-swappable battery technology ensures full-shift functionality in locations far from charging facilities.

Recognising the uniqueness of every use case, the ZX80’s design is highly configurable, offering remarkable flexibility. Key features like a dual subscriber identification module (SIM) design, Wi-Fi 6E 802.11ax, Bluetooth v5.2, and an optional GPS system augment rapid data transfer and quick location positioning. Depending on specific requirements, the ZX80 can be fitted with 4G/5G LTE, NFC, and a barcode reader.

The tablet boasts an AI-ready Qualcomm QCS6490 processor, which delivers extraordinary performance at lower power levels. The ZX80 is also embedded with Qualcomm’s AI engine, thus enabling on-device machine learning and facilitating AI use cases. Aimed at maximising potential AI capabilities, the ZX80 incorporates a hefty 12GB LPDDR5 memory and is upgradeable to future Android OS releases, making it possible for the users to readily adopt new AI features.

Like all Getac devices, the ZX80 is compatible with a comprehensive range of peripherals, accessories and software that help users maximise device functionality across diverse industry scenarios. This extends from third-party secure vehicle docks for optimal vehicle or forklift operation, high-capacity hot swappable batteries for enhanced usability in the field, to software solutions including the new Log Tool, deployXpress, enrollXpress, GDMS, Driving Safety Utility and OEMConfig.

James Hwang, president of Getac Technology Corporation, said, “The Android platform continues to evolve and expand throughout the industrial sector, offering new ways to solve key challenges and enhance business operations. With the launch of the ZX80, we’re giving our Android customers even more choice when it comes to selecting the right rugged solution for their needs and enabling them to capitalise on the versatility of Android in environments and scenarios where it wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

The ZX80 will be available from March 2024.