06 Nov 2014
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Girls in Games targets budding young game developers

By Catherine Knowles

Media Design School is hosting the second annual Girls in Games.

Targeted at female students between 14-18 in the Auckland region, Girls in Games in an immersive workshop that encourages young girls to get involved in game development and design.

The workshop will cover the basics of game development, game art and game design, and with this information the girls will make their own game over the course of the day.

The event is ideal for those who are interested in creating games but are completely new to the subject.

Upon the completion of the workshop, those who have taken part will leave with their completed game to show their friends and family.

Girls in Games will provide those who are interested in the gaming industry the opportunity to network with like minded individuals in an environment that is safe and inclusive, says Ana Faatoia, domestic relationships manager.

The girls can network and meet people to complete other projects together further down the line if they are inspired by the workshop.

The gaming industry in New Zealand is expanding exponentially, says Faatoia, and it’s essential young women are encouraged to consider Game Art and Software Engineering as viable and exciting career options.

Just a small percentage of New Zealand developers are female and dropout rates for females is much higher than for males. Already there are a shortage of software developers in New Zealand, and it is estimated that 10,000 new roles will need to be filled in the next three years.

The video game workforce as a whole has a reputation for being male dominated, and women make up just one in 10 of the gaming sector.

Faatoia says at the Media Design School there are some outstanding female programmers and artists, both teaching and studying, but there is room for plenty more.

She says it is an ideal place to study as it's a world-class faculty and home to some of the finest female game developer students.

“[Media Design School] will give these girls an extensive overview of the industry and will help enable them to turn their ideas into playable games,” she says. “We look forward to welcoming more girl power on to our campus.”

Girls in Games will take place on Monday December 1 from 9:30am-5:00pm. You can find out more about the event and register here.

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