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'Goalpost' gamifies quitting for World Smokefree Day

31 May 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old
Wellington startup Social Code has developed a unique social app to help gamify the challenge of giving up smoking.
A partnership with Quitline and the Health Sponsorship Council (HSC), the Goalpost app was released this week to coincide with World Smokefree Day, being recognised today.
Designed as a 12-week programme, Goalpost lets users invite friends and family to support their attempt to quit, as well as connect with others going through the same experience.
The app performs mini-interventions to help people identify their triggers and ultimately increase their motivation to give up.
Siobhan Bulfin, founder of Goalpost, says a key element of Goalpost is that it’s fun.
"Research shows that people are much more likely to quit smoking if they have the support of their family, co-workers and friends,” Bulfin says.
"People connect online every day about the things that matter to them, and we know that most smokers want to stop.”
Go here to check it out.
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