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GrabOne goes with Apple's new Passbook
Mon, 8th Oct 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old

GrabOne has become the first New Zealand company to have its coupons integrated with Apple’s new iOS6 Passbook.

Working as a mobile "wallet", Passbook allows loyalty, gift and reward cards as well as movie tickets, boarding passes and retail coupons to be stored in one central location.

With a 75% market share of the daily deal market in New Zealand, the company says users can scan their iPhones or iPods to check in for flights, see a movie, receive loyalty points or redeem coupons.

“Passbook will really simplify managing and finding coupons when you need them,” says Dave Agent, GrabOne ICTO.

“One of the best features about Passbook is that it's time and location aware; it’s convenient enough to have your GrabOne coupons stored in Passbook but customers with location settings activated will have them automatically pop up ready to redeem.

"You don’t even have to search through the app.”

Users can store useful information such as business addresses, coupon expiry dates and terms and conditions.

“We’re proud to be the first company in New Zealand to sign up for Passbook and are sure many local businesses will follow suit in time” Agent says.

Other companies using Passbook include Starbucks, Target, W Hotels and American Airlines.

GrabOne’s mobile phone app is currently utilised by 900,000 users every month as a way to redeem vouchers rather than printing a hard copy.