02 Nov 2011
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GTA V to go digital-only?

While we all hold our breath for tomorrow’s first Grand Theft Auto V trailer – plus hopefully some release info such as dates and platforms – one commentator is predicting the groundbreaking series could change the gaming scene in a completely different way.

Peter Warman, director and founder of gaming industry analysts Newzoo, says in a blog that boxed versions of Grand Theft Auto V will contain a download code and some sort of collectible merchandise, but no disc.

"There are a lot of reasons why publishers are pushing towards digital distribution of triple-A games,” Warman says.

"Speaking out loud might harm the relationship with retail partners, but the benefits have become much too large to remain silent about the desire to go completely digital.”

Although there are benefits to digital distribution such as faster release times, the main driver seems to be the need to stop users from selling games second-hand, or sharing with family and friends. 

The GTA series has experimented with digitalisation in the past, releasing DLC packs for GTA IV months before an eventual physical release.

The question is how many users have the space in their data allowance to accommodate a full game.

The GTA V trailer will be available from 5am tomorrow (Thursday) morning, NZ time. 

What do you think – are you down with downloads, or do you prefer a physical copy? 

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