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This handbag charges your phone and protects from prying hands
Mon, 29th May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

FYB London has created what they're calling the “world's smartest handbag.” The company ran a kickstarter campaign to begin funding the project, and exceeded their target in only 56 hours. Not only is the handbag smart, it is also super secure.

The handbags feature wireless smart device charging, bio-lock security, Bluetooth proximity alerts, and “enough organization to rival a mobile office.

The handbag allows you charge all your devices on the go, from your phone to your tablet. The innovative handbag represents the next step in wearable tech, and provides a useful service for those who chew through their phone battery throughout the day, and are worried about pickpockets and other unwanted hands.

The handbag is protected by a TSA-accepted biometric recognition lock, which means only the user can access the contents of the bag if that's what you want. The lock can also store up to 100 fingerprints allowing the owner to add fingerprints of friends and family. You can also easily unlock your bag from your phone via Bluetooth.

The user can also receive proximity alerts via Bluetooth, which lets the user know if they have strayed too far from their bag. As if this wasn't enough, the front pouch of the bag offers RFID personal data protection against electronic theft of banking and other sensitive information on bank cards and passports.

In a world of ransomware and other malicious online threats, it's important to remember that thieves don't need to be capable hackers to get their hands on your personal information. FYB's secure handbag eliminates the risk of purse-snatchers getting access to your phone, credit cards, and anything else you want to keep safe while out and about.