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Hands-on with the Detroit: Become Human demo on PS4
Thu, 26th Apr 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Quantic Dream is renowned for making many decision based video games including Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Now the talented developer is releasing its first ever PS4 video game called Detroit: Become Human.

The demo for Detroit: Become Human is out now and it features one chapter for you to play through. You get to play as an advanced police android by the name of Connor who has to investigate a current hostage situation that is heating up.

In the scenario presented in the demo, Connor has to investigate a domestic violence disturbance because a recent Android has run amok and starts attacking the family that adopted him. He has now kidnapped the young daughter in the family and threatens to kill himself and the young girl unless he's promised freedom.  If you have played Quantic Dream's previous two games on the PS3, Detroit: Become Human has a similar style of gameplay. As you play as Connor, the android has to use his detective skills find out why this other Android decided to turn psycho all of a sudden.  The purpose of the detective work is to try and get as much information on the rogue Android as much as possible. The more Connor knows about the Android, this will increase his chances of negotiating a peaceful resolution to this escalating hostage situation.

The game adopts some detective style gameplay from the Batman: Arkham series as Connor has to find clues and piece together what exactly happened. Connor also has to find a motive as to why this Android suddenly turned on his human owners.

Alternatively, Connor can bypass the detective work and try to negotiate with the Android without any background information. This is ill advised though mainly because the Android will get more paranoid if you say the wrong things to him and don't meet his demands.  What I love most about Detroit: Become Human is that the game offers so many different endings and outcomes which means there's lot of replay value on offer. In this short one chapter alone, there are about five different endings for you to see. The full game will offer even more scenarios for you to play through since the entire script for the game is reportedly over 2000 pages long! Not to mention in the full game there are three playable characters and your decisions affect how the story is played out.

From what I have played from the demo so far, it looks like Quantic Dream is onto another award winning game. Beyond: Two Souls was enjoyable and Heavy Rain is still my favourite PS3 game of all time. With that said, I have high hopes for Detroit: Become Human when it releases exclusively on the PS4 on May 25th, 2018.