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Hands-on review: AirFly Pro - the Bluetooth tool you didn’t know you needed
Wed, 8th Apr 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Anyone who is interested in Apple products may know that Twelve South is one of the best Apple accessory providers. The AirFly Pro is much more than just an Apple accessory.

Have you ever turned on the TV late at night while your flatmates are asleep and thought, ‘I wish I can just connect my AirPods or my wireless headphones to the TV?' The AirFly Pro does just that.

The product was originally designed so that Apple users can use their AirPods with the in-seat entertainment systems on flights. This is where the AirFly gets its name. While that on its own was genius, Twelve South released a new AirFly Pro that improves on that offer.


The AirFly Pro has three main features.

The first feature is that it can connect to any Bluetooth listening device. This means that by plugging it into non-Bluetooth enabled devices like in-flight systems, TVs, game consoles machines, you will be able to wirelessly connect to your AirPods or Beats Pro or your wireless headset of choice. I had my doubts about how well this could work. I was worried that it would cause lag, but I was pleasantly surprised. It worked flawlessly with every device I tried.

The second feature is that the AirFly Pro acts as a headphone splitter. This means that two people can hook up their favourite wireless headphones and listen from the same source. This means you can host a movie night for you and your friend/sibling without annoying the rest of the people in the household. You can also use it when playing video games in multiplayer. It is a really good feature that you don't realise you need until you need it.

The third feature is that it acts as an AUX IN adapter. I wasn't expecting this to be a feature and I am glad it is. This eliminates the need for an AUX wire. If you have a speaker in the house that is of good quality but no Bluetooth capability, now you can finally use it with your mobile phone. All you have to do is plug the AirFly into the speaker and then select it from your phone menu as the audio out option. This also works really well with car stereos.

What I liked best

I loved how small and portable the AirFly is. It also comes with a little pouch so that you can keep it safe in your backpack. I like that once you pair your headphones, the AirFly actually remembers your device and quickly connect to it the next time around.

I also appreciate all the features that Twelve South fit into one device. These features eliminate the need to have multiple adapters for different situations.

What I would change

I really had one issue with the AirFly. While it connected to my Beats headphones immediately, it took a few tries to get it to pair to my AirPods Pro.

I am not sure if the problem was the pair I had or the AirFly itself, it took some fiddling around to get it to connect. With that being said, after the initial connection was established, I had no problems after that.


I highly recommend anyone that is attached to their favorite wireless headphones to pick up this product. Having with you means you will never have to sacrifice the sound quality or suffer from having to connect it wired headphones.