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Hands-on review: Cricut Maker 3 smart cutting machine
Fri, 16th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

To take your decorative art to the next level, you must know about this extraordinary machine: the Cricut Maker 3.

The Cricut Maker 3 is an intelligent electronic cutting machine that allows you to create a meaningful project in record time through powerful and versatile performance.

How does it work?

The machine works with the free Design Space app for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

On it, you can decide on the first step of the process: to design your own project or choose from thousands already created.

Then, you have to connect your machine and follow the instructions on the app. Finally, the Cricut maker will cut itself according to your design.

Once the machine finishes this task, you can assemble your final piece of art and enjoy the result.

You can cut, scratch, write, deboss, engrave and add some effects using up to 300 different materials. From delicate to thick, such as fabric, vinyl, matte cardboard, leather and more, you can take advantage of the incredible features of the Cricut Maker 3.

In addition, the Cricut Maker 3 works with Smart Materials; Smart Vinyl, Smart Iron-On and Smart Paper to provide the best results for different projects.

They load quickly into the machine and stay aligned without requiring manual adjustment so that you can cut materials up to 3.6 metres long in one go. Here you can find the different innovative materials:

What to do with it?

The possibilities are endless with good tools; the only limit is your creativity and imagination.

Indeed, with this machine, you can customise and personalise almost everything and anything, from stationery items, decorative objects, transfers for mugs, bags, and T-shirts, to jewels and more.

This machine will allow your projects to come to life if you want to create original designs with professional finishing.

The Cricut Maker 3 asks for a significant investment, but you will never regret seeing all that it allows doing.

What is inside?

Everything has been thought and organised inside the machine to save you time and make your work easier.

Therefore, you can find a built-in space to store your organised tools, an interior drawer to safely store spare tips and a docking station so you can put down your tablet or smartphone that you design with. 
You can also find a USB port to charge your device whenever you want and two tool jaws for writing and cutting in one pass.

What’s in the box?

When you receive the box, you will find it inside the machine. What’s more, you’ll also find a premium fine point blade and base, a booklet, a USB cable and a power adapter. It also contains materials for your first project and 100 projects you can make to get you started.

There are many tools to discover and purchase separately to take your projects to the next level, allowing you to create even more innovative designs.

Overall, the Cricut Maker 3 gives you a fantastic opportunity to express yourself in many different ways.