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Hands-on review: D-Link Weather-Resistant Full HD Pro Wi-Fi Camera

By Darren Price, Wed 29 Sep 2021

The DCS-8302LH Weather-Resistant Full HD Pro Wi-Fi Camera is yet another addition to the legion of D-Link networked home security devices.

It’s never been easier to create a modular home security system. D-Link’s security devices range from simple HD cameras for the lounge to full entry monitoring systems. D-Link has a few options available for weather-resistant external property monitoring. The DCS-8302LH is not a camera designed to brave the elements, but it is suitable for monitoring covered outside spaces.

The camera utilises a ball and socket joint to mount the body to the base. This allows the camera to be easily affixed to a wall or ceiling and adjusted accordingly. Whilst the camera is wireless, it does need a power supply nearby.

The pack comes with some fixings and a 3m power cable. The end of the cable has a rather chunky rubber grommet (for keeping water out of the camera casing). This means either cutting the grommet (there is a guide-mark) or making an oversized drill to install the camera outside using a power connection running through the wall to an internal socket. 

The camera itself is plastic but feels pretty solid. Be mindful, though, that it is only weather-resistant and not weatherproof. This means it’s really only suitable for somewhere like under a canopy rather than somewhere that’s going to take the full brunt of a rainstorm. 

Removing the rear of the camera to expose the AC socket revealed an RJ-45 for connecting the device via Ethernet cable. There’s also a rubber grommet for two cables to pass through.

On the underside of the camera is a pattern of holes. This must be for the device’s two-way audio. There the mic doubles as a sound detector, and the speaker doubles as a build-in 95 dB siren. 

The camera is set up and controlled via D-Link’s home security app, mydlink. This app is free from the Google and Apple stores. The camera can also be viewed and controlled via the D-Link website using a web browser. 

The kit comes with a quick installation guide, which is a lot more useful than the guide D-Link usually enclosed with its devices. The guide explains how to find the best location for the camera and includes a QR code for installing via the app. There’s also a “Protected by mydink” sticker for your window.

The set-up process was painless. Whilst plugging in the power cable and installing the weatherproof grommet, I noticed that the set-up QR code is also on the actual device. This is handy if, at a later date, the camera needs to be set up again without the guide. Scanning the QR code in the mydlink app had it confirming the network I was connecting the camera to, and away it went. I could then choose a friendly name for the camera and set details for the designated contact to call if the camera is triggered. I’ve no need for this, so I left it blank.

The camera works with D-Link’s cloud storage service. The basic subscription is free, but a small monthly fee is required if you have few cameras. 

Using the mydlink app, the camera can be set up to trigger actions if someone is detected. These can be scheduled for different times of the day to avoid false alarms. It can be set to trigger the camera’s siren or other devices in the mydlink ecosystem. The camera features AI person detection to prevent it from being triggered by my dog. You can also select the view area for triggering detection.

The camera image is pretty good, at a max resolution of 1080p with around 5m of night vision capability. Even when viewed remotely, I found the video to be clear and without any stuttering.

D-Link’s DCS-8302LH Weather-Resistant Full HD Pro Wi-Fi Camera is a superb bit of kit. It does exactly what you want it to do and is easy to set up and integrate into a mydlink security system. 

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