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Hands-on review: DualSense Edge PS5 Controller
Thu, 9th Feb 2023

Most people that have a PS5 console should already own a standard DualSense controller that is available right out of the box. Even though the controller feels great, you cannot customise or change configurations for it. Well, if you are into pimping out hardware, you might be happy to play on the new Sony DualSense Edge controller for the PS5.

Before I begin talking about the features of the DualSense Edge, the first thing to know about this controller is that it’s only compatible with PS5 and PC. Sadly, this controller isn’t backwards compatible, so you won’t be able to use it on a PS4 or PS4 Pro console.

Another important thing you need to know about the DualSense Edge is its high price. The DualSense Edge has an RRP of $399.00 across all major retailers in New Zealand. This is far more expensive compared to a normal DualSense controller that goes for only $129.00. It’s even pricier than the latest Xbox Elite controller, which usually goes for $279.00.

Before you dive into the controller, I will say that the DualSense Edge controller has some nice packaging. Since this is a premium product, the controller and all of its accessories come housed inside a special-looking carrying case. It has a hard outer shell, so it will protect your controller quite well if you want to take it someplace else.

In terms of its appearance, the DualSense Edge is much prettier looking compared to the original DualSense. The reason it looks better is that it has more black-coloured surfaces that prevent the controller from getting too dirty with dust. The direction and face buttons are black, the mouse pad is black, and even the outer shell near the analogue sticks is black.

Holding the controller also feels comfortable, thanks to some added rubber texture at the back. This is useful if your hands get sweaty during the hot summer nights you might be playing games. I remember my older controllers getting very sweaty with their all-plastic outer shells.

While the price of the DualSense Edge is pretty high, there are many new features and functions that this controller does that aren’t available on a standard PS5 controller. One thing that might satisfy old-school PlayStation fans is that the controller adds optional convex analogue sticks. You can swap out the concave sticks that are the default setting for most PS5 controllers released today.

Probably the best feature of the entire controller is that you can set how deep the trigger buttons go. I remember my fingers getting sore holding down the triggers playing hours of Gran Turismo 7 last year. Now with this new controller, I can set it, so I don’t have to press the triggers so hard anymore.

The DualSense also has optional back buttons for you to set behind the controller. My brother hates playing FPS games where he has to hold down the L3 button to sprint. He can now assign the back buttons to sprint in several games, so he cannot moan about holding down the L3 button ever again!

At the bottom of the controller are two function buttons. The function button acts like a shortcut where you can set the controller to several different profiles. For example, I can assign profile 1 to suit an FPS game, and then I can press the function button to profile 2 for my driving game preference or something like that.

In terms of settings, you can assign how sensitive the analogue sticks move, the strength of the vibration as well as how sensitive the triggers react. As mentioned before, these settings can be saved so you can use them for different types of games.

While the DualSense Edge controller has many improvements over the normal PS5 controller, one thing that might dissatisfy buyers is the short battery life. According to some estimates, the battery life can last between four to ten hours. This is shorter than the 12 to 15 hours of battery life of the original PS5 controller.

It goes without saying that the DualSense Edge is easily the superior controller compared to the original DualSense. The amount of customisation you can do is impressive, and the controller feels more comfortable, too. The only things that will stop people from buying this are the very high $399.00 asking price and the short battery life. I would recommend this controller for hardcore gamers only.