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Hands-on review: Dyson V15 Detect - why your home isn't as clean as you thought
Tue, 29th Jun 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Over the past few years, Dyson's handheld vacuum cleaners took over the market. The cordless, powerful vacuum became a must-have in every home. I personally own the V7. While it died on me every 30 minutes, it was a tool I couldn't live without. I was excited to see what the V15 detect has to offer that my small V7 could not.

The Laser

This is probably the feature I was most intrigued by. As the name indicates, the laser is meant to “detect” dust particles that are invisible to the eye. This laser is only available on the fluffy cleaner head that is used for hardwood floor and similar surfaces. I was very sceptical when I first saw this. I even wrote it off as a gimmick before I tried it - spoiler alert, I was wrong.

The laser actually works really well at detecting dust. And it's really helpful when the floor “looks” clean as it gives users an idea of which corners need attention. I was shocked when the light was near my dresses, my bed and that weird corner next to my closet. From where I was standing, those spots looked clean! They weren't. And there is something very satisfying about cleaning the dust after the laser exposes it.

The Dust Sensor

This was another feature that is new to the V15. It is also another one I never thought I needed until I tried it. The V15 has an LCD screen. While cleaning, the screen will display the number of particles it has picked up and which size category these particles fall under. The technology behind this is actually really impressive.

Dyson installed a PIEZO sensor inside the machine. This sensor recognises the vibrations caused by the particles hitting the bin and is able to convert them into electric signals that the processor then uses to count and sort the particles. My first thought when I saw this feature was “why?” and the answer is peace of mind. Especially now and after the pandemic, everyone wants to make sure that their homes are actually clean.

But before the V15, I could never really tell. This sensor provides physical proof that a surface is clean. When the machine is no longer detecting new particles, then I am sure that area is clean. Another way the dust sensor is used is to determine the power of suction. The sensor automatically switches between “high” and “medium” suction levels based on the dust it detects on the floor.

This is an amazing tool that makes sure you get the most out of each battery charge. I did, however, get a little offended every time it kicked into “high” mode. It felt like it was calling my home dirty, but that is my own insecurity to get over.


Dyson did an amazing job with the V15 attachments. They have literally thought of everything. The most impressive attachment being the brand new anti-tangle high torque cleaner head. This mouthful of an attachment is a game-changer. Basically, they added 56 polycarbonate “teeth” that look like a comb to the inside of the machine's big cleaner head. These teeth prevent tangling around the bristles and make sure to clear all the hair from the brush bar.

Dyson also has another brand new attachment called the hair screw. This attachment looks like a screw and works like magic! It is designed to instantly send the hair to the bin without it being stuck in the brush.  It is perfect to clean any pet beds. If someone in the household has long hair, this is also perfect to clean the carpet that goes into that family member's room. The V15 also comes with all the other standard attachments that Dyson users know and love.


While this might not be an improvement for Dyson users coming from last year's models, this was a huge upgrade for someone like me who is coming from a V7 or a V8. The V15 Detect is able to last a full hour on one charger. For me, this meant that I could every single room in my twp bedroom apartment and have some charge left which is something I could never achieve with the V7.

If you have a larger home, the V15 has removable batteries. This means that you can keep a secondary battery charged and replace it halfway through for an extra hour.


Dyson V15 certainly proved its worth. It isn't just another cordless vacuum cleaner. The Dyson team did a great job innovating new technologies made to make the user's life better. After having it around for almost a month, I don't think I can live without it and it is definitely a must-have for anyone who likes to keep a clean space.