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Hands-on review: Feiyutech Pocket 2S Stabilised Camera
Fri, 18th Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Recording your holiday and capturing those cute moments with your dogs can't be done without a good camera, and often the camera on our phone can be pretty limiting. Pocket cameras are the perfect solution to resolve this issue, as they don't take up space or burn a hole in your wallet.

Personally, I always wanted to capture the best views during my hiking and walking adventures, so I was super excited to test and review the Pocket 2S Stabilised Camera from the Chinese brand Feiyutech.


The Pocket 2S is a gimbal camera with many features that allow you to record your lifestyle in any situation. The camera is split into two parts. First, we have the body of the device with the 1.3-inch display and managing joystick, and the second part is the camera on its own. The strength of this device is that the body and the camera are linked by a 90cm extension cord, which allows you to explore possibilities of recording. At 15x4x3cm in size and weighing only 179g, the device is very light and can fit in any bag or jacket pocket.

The battery life of the Pocket 2S is 160 minutes or up to 180 minutes, depending on the quality of the video. This is perfect for recording the highlights of your day trip. Users can also enjoy a fast one-hour charge-by USB-C to reset the full battery life. 

It was a real pleasure to see four fixing accessories included in the Pocket 2S's packaging, allowing me to use it immediately in every situation. It is worth noting that to start using the device, you will need a UHS-I microSD card- which is not included with the camera.


When it comes to the features of the Pocket 2S, there are many, and all are suited to meet everyone's needs. First, the gimbal camera is fully magnetic, allowing you to fix it onto many different surfaces, such as your bike helmet, car roof, or a selfie stick. This feature is very helpful if you are not able to handle the camera during your activity. Cyclists and bikers will love it for its great polyvalence.

When it comes to the actual recording, the Pocket 2S has a 3-axis stabilisation which lets the camera focus on its objective in every situation. I was impressed to see how the stabiliser was intuitive and efficient. It's very useful if you need to keep the focus on something while you are moving. If you want to focus on someone's face, you can use the face-tracking feature, which will cleverly track the subject.

The main feature of the Pocket 2S for me was the 130°ultra wide-angle lens. This lens allows you to capture as many parts of the frame as possible, which is ideal for mountain landscapes. In addition to this, you can control and orient the gimbal camera in any way you want with the control joystick. You can also manage the movement of the camera with this joystick by pressing it two or three quick times. I personally loved the way the camera could do a 180° flip, allowing you to switch between a self-portrait mode to the landscape in less than one second.

Videos quality

The camera of the Pocket 2S allows you to record in 4K with 8.51 million effective pixels. Images are very clear, and the colours are very close to reality. You can enjoy different recording modes between video, timelapse and slow motion. Concerning the sound of your videos, the Pocket 2S captures a great range of sound without sizzles, which is perfect for all your vlog creations. Users can save their content in JPG/JPG+DNG format on an SD or download and manage it instantaneously on a phone with the Feiyutech app.


The Feiyutech Pocket 2S Stabilised Camera is definitely the ideal device for recording your journeys and lifestyle. I would recommend it for its lightweight design, various physical features, and its great video quality.