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Hands-on review: Fixture S1 Mount and S1 Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch
Mon, 28th Jun 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Confession time: I don't get on with the Nintendo Switch.

As lovely as the Switch screen is, I find the Joycon controllers to be absolutely awful. The Switch's Pro Controller is a massive step up. But unless you are bent over the Switch's screen as it's perched on a table or playing via a TV (which defeats the object of having a portable console), the Pro Controller is kind of redundant. So, most of the time my Switch gathers dust, an occasional device for use when travelling or when there's otherwise no alternative.

Enter US outfit, Fixture, who send over some kit to see if they could entice me back to the Switch.

The package contained both a Fixture S1 Mount, which connects a Pro Controller to the Switch screen, and the Fixture S1 Carrying Case. The case is big enough to store the mounted switch screen, some Joycons, and a large volume of game cartridges.

Setting it all up was easy. I ejected the Joycons and fed the Switch screen into the mount until firmly in place. The Pro controller was then clipped into the holder, just below the mount. Unfortunately, due to the Joycons being integral, S1 Mount doesn't work with the Switch Lite.

The double-hinged S1 Mount is made from very durable plastic. It feels solid and more than capable of safely holding the Switch screen in place. Whilst the mount has rubber cushions on the bottom and where the Pro Controller rests, the way it grips it will likely cause some scratches on the controller if you removing and replace it a lot. Not that you should need to. The USB charge socket at the back of the controller is unobstructed so you can still hook up the charging cable. Same with the screen, which can also be charged whilst mounted.

The S1 Mount with the Pro Controller underneath allows the screen to be adjusted to taste via two hinges. You can have it hovering right over the controller for a compact look, or extended out in front of the controller. The only downside is that with the screen offset, when the mount is extended by both hinges, the centre of balance is a bit off.

It was the versatility of the S1 Mount that made me realise why I find the Switch so awkward. It's not just the Joycons, it's the unnatural angle that you have to hold your hands to look properly at the screen. When I'm holding a controller, I don't hold it in front of my face, which is what I've got to do with a Switch. The S1 mount allows me to comfortably hold the controller as I ordinarily would, be it PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, and angle the beautiful Switch screen for a perfect gaming position.

But it's not just a more comfortable way to play. The Switch Screen mounted to the Pro Controller also looks a lot smarter than the (forgive me, but it's true) childish stylings of the Switch with its attached Joycons.  

The S1 Mount can be used without the Pro Controller, as a stand for the Switch screen. It's a nice idea, but you want to make sure it's standing on something solid, as it's not that stable. Great for multiplayer games on the go, though, allowing all players to easily see the Switch screen.

The Fixture S1 Carrying Case is a sturdy zip-locked clamshell that fits both the Switch screen and Pro Controller when using the S1 Mount. There's no need to unmount the screen or controller to stow them away. The case also has storage for ten game cartridges and a generously sized zipped pocket for Joycons and cables.

The fabric finished case looks nice with the Fixture Gaming logo in the corner of the lid and a carry handle on the top. The case's solid construction will keep your equipment safe and protected.

It seems silly to say that a hinged bit of plastic is a game-changer when using the Nintendo Switch, but the Fixture S1 Mount is exactly that. Having the Switch screen mounted above the Pro Controller is, in my opinion, the very best way to use Nintendo's console. Being able to pack the mounted screen and controller away in the Fixture S1 Carrying Case is even better, keeping the console safe and at hand for a quick go at any time.

The Fixture S1 Mount and S1 Carrying Case are essential purchases. Owners of the original Switch console that have a Switch Pro Controller will find using these the best way to comfortably play their games.