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Hands-on review: Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard

The Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard stands out as one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market.

Visual aspects

The MX Mechanical is a very professional-looking keyboard with a variety of handy features. The power button and charging port are both on the right corner of the device, similar to other Logitech keyboards, which allows for easy access and fast set up.

The height of the keyboard is 26.10 mm, including the keycaps. This gives users more comfort and quicker reactivity times. It is slightly heavier than other keyboards, but this is understandable due to its compatibility with fixed set-up situations.

The design of the keys makes for easy use, with a lot of intuitive shortcuts. Regarding lighting, Logitech equipped the MX Mechanical with superior design and style qualities as well. The keys light up automatically once your hand approaches them, which is impressive as well as economical in terms of battery life. Then comes one of my favourite features, the different backlighting effects, which allow you to choose any type of key lightning from a variety of options.

To be sure that you choose the right keyboard for your situation, Logitech offers three different types of switches for the MX Mechanical, all of which are built to suit your preference and usage. I had the chance to test the linear one with its ultra-smooth typing and great reactivity. The other options are the Tactile quiet and clicky switches.


This keyboard is equipped with low-profile mechanical switches, which deliver an impressive smooth typing feel. I really liked writing this review because my hands were never strained, even after typing for a long time. Your fingers slide smoothly through the keys while still remaining stable.

The keyboard can also be paired and easily switched between up to three devices, which is great for people who work on several displays. Users can also enjoy a fifteen-day autonomy in full charge and up to ten months with the backlighting mode turned off. Charging can be done with a USB-C type cable.

With this keyboard, Logitech has also helped meet sustainability outcomes, with some elements of the device being made of recycled plastic. It’s a great initiative that makes it more ecological and reduces the carbon footprint as well.

Logi Options+

To go further with the MX Mechanical keyboard, Logitech offers free downloadable software that allows you to manage the settings of your device. Available on Windows and Mac OS, this software is the perfect tool for controlling your set-up with options such as battery life checking, changing Fn key functions, and assigning app-specific profiles.


In conclusion, the Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard is an impressive mix of technology and design, which makes it a premium keyboard for all people who need to type for a long time. With a great number of personalisation features, this is the perfect option for your next keyboard purchase.

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