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Hands-on review: Samsung Air Purifier AX5000
Wed, 23rd Nov 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

In a nutshell, an air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from the air to improve the overall air quality of a room.

These devices provide many health advantages and are particularly beneficial to asthmatics and those allergic to mites or seasonal pollen. Purifiers can also help reduce the effects of second-hand tobacco smoke.


The Samsung Air Purifier AX5000 has been designed with the purpose of purifying your large living area quickly and powerfully in every direction to help keep your entire family breathing healthy air.

The device covers an area of up to 60 square metres and contains an impressive 3 Way Air Flow and Dual Power Fan. The Front Air Inflow attracts air from the front, which ensures its efficient operation even when the air purifier is against a wall.

The attracted air also passes through different filters before exiting. The first filter is a washable pre-filter, and the second one is a 2-in-1 filter composed of an activated carbon deodorisation filter and a HEPA filtration with an ultrafine dust filter. This can protect users against pollen and pet dander, harmful gases, ultrafine dust and bacteria.

The product is available in 4 different colors: Black, Dark Gray, Gold and Silver.

Modes & Functions

There are different tactile buttons on the top of the product, which you can use to manage its operation.

With the Fan Speed button, you can handle the intensity of airflow to purify the indoor air, or you can also put it in Auto mode.

There is also access to a Sleep mode, which will change the fan speed and the lights for a clean, quiet and comfortable room and a good night's sleep.

The Timer option is also very practical; you can select a duration until the device turns automatically off after a specific duration.

There is also a filter replacement indicator that will notify you when to replace the 2-in-1 filter.

Another very practical function is the Lock function. Use this function to lock all buttons and prevent unintended operation, especially by children.

Finally, you can review the air quality from the display panel with the colour, which indicates the level of gas pollution with a concentration level indicator.

Wi-Fi Control

Your Samsung Air Purifier AX5000 can be controlled by Wi-Fi with the SmartThings app.

Thanks to this, you can monitor and control the air quality in your home from anywhere. With one key or by using your voice, you can activate/disable it and check air quality and other features.

Voice control is supported in 8 languages (UK English, US English, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian).

You can also set a timer from your phone to schedule when to switch on/off and minimise energy waste.


Nowadays, with viruses like COVID-19 in the air, it's the perfect time to incorporate an air purifier into our homes.

A good air purifier such as Samsung AX5000 can also help reduce allergy symptoms and nose, throat and eye irritation.

If you want to keep your family in a healthy and safe home environment, this is the product you need.