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Hands-on review: STM ChargeTreeGo portable wireless charger
Wed, 13th Jul 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

When you've got a bunch of Apple devices, charging can be a chore. Classically you would have a charging cable for your iPhone, your Airpods and your AppleWatch.

The ChargeTreeGo provides an elegant solution.

STM, the manufacturer, has had a ChargeTree product for a while, but this new one has ‘Go' on the end of it and is portable. Which makes it ideal for a regular traveller.

The device is the shape of a pack of cards but a little bit thicker and taller. It feels solid, but lightweight and is finished with a non-slip rubberised material.

You flip down the back stand, and hey presto, it stands upright. This also creates a ledge for you to put your iPhone on. The base of the ledge is rubberised to make sure your precious device doesn't slip off.

You then press a magic compartment on the top right of the device, and the AppleWatch stand pops out.

On the back underside is another ledge for charging your AirPods. It supports all types of AirPods and AirPod Pros.

So instead of having three cables, you can have all three of your devices (iPhone, AirPods - an AppleWatch) charging at the same time.

The charging is all done wirelessly, and the device has the QI certification for wireless charging.

You plug the device in over one USB-C port and included cable. So you could use an existing Apple charger, a 3rd party USB-C charger, or from your Laptop.

Charge times vary depending upon your charger and not the ChargeTreeGo. So it's better to have the faster, higher wattage chargers.

I had a 30W Apple USB C charger that was charging my MacBook and then, using the included USB-C cable, I daisy-chained the ChargeTreeGo. This meant that all four devices (including my MacBook) were charging at once with just one charger and two USB-C to USB-C cables.

It has three lights on to show which of your devices are charging. The lights individually flash if your device isn't aligned with the wireless charging pad correctly and a solid light when it's charging.

Also, a drawstring carry bag is included.

This is a high-quality compact product that is designed for someone travelling regularly. I can imagine myself arriving at a hotel and easily charging all my devices next to the bed.