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Hands-on review: Swann Enforcer Security System
Mon, 25th Jan 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Over the past year or so, I've become a bit of an expert on home security systems, or so I thought! Swann has upped the ante and I've had to embark on a bit of a learning curve. It has also made me realise that my home technology setup is getting rather “full” and that has inspired me to conduct a separate investigation which I shall report on in due course.

Swann's Enforcer Security System includes:

  • 4 Enforcer Cams with police-style flashing lights
  • 4Channel Video recorder with 1TB hard drive
  • A set of stickers to give Billy Burglar fair warning
  • Power adapters, splitter, and 4x 18m of cabling. 
  • Mounting screws and plugs
  • Mouse, HDMI cable and ethernet cable

The Night2Day function gives you full colour at night. With 1080p full HD resolution, you will be assured of sharp and clear images. The system also works with Google Assistant and Alexa and you can also view who is on camera via your iOS or Android phone.

This system is a new one to me in that it is fully wired. Once in place and fixed in position, you won't have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries. The video recorder works like a mini-computer. I decided to maintain the peace and connect to an external monitor in my little office.

That means that I can watch myself at work, which is slightly distracting but rather pleasurable at the same time. I'm currently admiring my side profile and wondering at the shaving rash on my neck.

The cameras are designed to be deployed outside, and are designed to detect both heat and motion, using their True Detect technology, which, Swann says, leads to “reliable security monitoring and fewer false alarms.” A little bit of research revealed that this system will detect people and ignore roaming animals. Woohoo!

The 1TB hard drive is “set and forget” meaning you have free local recording for up to 12 months, “with no fees ever.” When your HD is full, you can either download your captured video, over-write it, or save it to your Cloud.

This is a wired security system, which will mean you will have some installing to do. I would likely call on the services of a specialist, especially so I could have the appropriate junction boxes to tidy up the cabling. My review system has four cameras, but I see from Swann's website that they offer systems from 4 to 16 channels. Four cameras should offer the average homeowner a decent range of cover.

Their website contains what can only be described as a plethora of download options. I've decided to go with the option of scanning the QR code on the hard drive, just to be safe.

You can monitor your system from your smartphone when you're out and about. At home, I use an external monitor in my office.  I was not able to wire in my review product for the simple reason that I must return it. However, the idea of not having to climb up ladders to change batteries appeals to me. I dislike ladders.

You will find the settings can be modified to suit your needs. My review item does not include sound, but the light alarm is quite spectacular, complete with flashing police lights.  The motion detector sets off a light at night-time, ensuring that any intruder is captured in daylight-quality brilliance. The flashing police lights are just as spectacular, even in the daytime.

I've now arrived at the stage I always dread, the bit that comes before I find all the boxes and cables and pack everything up. A permanently wired system is great, provided you place the cameras in the right place. You won't have the aggravation of climbing ladders every time a battery needs charging.

The hub gives you opportunities to interact with your system at home and away. Attach a USB hard drive or data card and make your own recordings. Access them via your smartphone. The motion detector function can drive you crazy if your camera captures the street, but some tweaking of settings will fix that issue.

The cost of installation will be additional to the purchase price but will give you a very professional finished product. The option of adding more cameras will ensure your castle will have an added layer of security.

Expect the Swann Enforcer to hit New Zealand shores in April 2021. It will be well worth a look if you want to beef up your home security.