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Hands-on review: Tado Smart AC Control V3+

Wed, 13th Oct 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With the summer just around the corner, and with an ever-increasing risk that we may have to spend a bit more of it within our four walls than we may otherwise have liked, Tado's new Smart AC Control V3+ may well have arrived just at the right time.

In the box

The box that houses the Smart AC Control V3+ is small and contains only a few items: Smart AC Control, adhesive strips, power adaptor and a USB type-A cable. There's also a very basic setup guide, although the setup is easy to follow through the Tado app.

The Smart AC Control V3+ itself is slim, sleek and can easily be mounted onto a wall or other surface by utilising the adhesive strips. There are no physical buttons, which probably won't come as a surprise considering everything can be operated via a smartphone or voice assistant.

Setting it up

Setting up the Smart AC Control V3+ via the app (available on the App Store or Google Play) is really easy and can be done by anyone - no technician required.

The app itself is easy to navigate and after clicking ‘Add device', you'll select ‘Smart AC Control' and register the device by inputting the serial number and authorisation code, both of which are stuck onto the device.

Once registered, the Smart AC Control V3+ then needs to be connected to your device. In our case, this was via Apple HomeKit. This is all done via scanning a QR code underneath the unit, and you'll know it's working when the four numbers illuminated on the device are replaced with two arrows. After this occurs, the device will then display the universal Wi-Fi logo to show it's trying to connect to your network. Once this is complete, you'll see a globe icon with a tick next to it. ‘HI!' will then appear on the screen to let you know that the device has been added to your HomeKit.

The next step is to tell the system where the air conditioning unit is located, which, in our case, was in our living room. After this has been confirmed, the Smart AC Control V3+ will connect to the Tado server, and you will then be able to tell the system the brand and model of air conditioning system you own and use the infrared connection to ensure the device works flawlessly.

All of this took us less than five minutes. Simple!

What it does

After the basic setup is complete, it's incredibly simple to ensure the temperature of your home is as comfortable as possible. Overall, the app is clear and concise. It looks great and wouldn't scare off even the biggest technophobe. It even works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

‘Smart Schedule' - one of the features we used most - allows you to set precise times in which you want your air conditioner on or off. It also has ‘Weather Adaptation', ‘Open Window Detection' and ‘Air Comfort' modes. ‘Insightful Reports' (coupled with Smart Schedule) really allows you to break down your usage and, ultimately, save money in the long run.

One of the best features of the Smart AC Control V3+ is ‘Geofencing', which allows the device to know when you leave your home, so it knows to switch the aircon off, and even turn it on when you're on your way back. This, however, is only unlocked with a subscription.  

The Tado Smart AC Control V3+ would be a welcomed addition to any home, particularly if it has an outdated air conditioning system. The setup is easy, and it will seamlessly make your life that little bit more convenient.

In a world that's becoming ever more connected, it's cool to have the option to control your home's climate through your fingertips.

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