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Hands-on review: TCL 65″ C835 Mini LED 4K Google TV
Tue, 9th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

We all look for immersive moments in our constantly evolving technological world. Often the best way to achieve this is through spending time on our TV screens, watching the latest blockbuster Netflix series, sports matches, or gaming.

More than a simple object, the TV has proved itself as a modern solution capable of creating the most remarkable escapes from the comfort of your living room. The more bold and interactive your TV, the more immersed you will be.

We introduce you today to a TV that brings the height of immersion to your viewing experience: The TCL 65″ C835 Mini LED 4K Google TV.


The TCL 65" is the perfect centrepiece for any room that requires entertainment. The aesthetics and design are perfectly integrated. The first thing that struck me was how incredibly slim it is, making it have the ability to fit into any design situation with ease.

The TV combines several groundbreaking picture and sound technologies, allowing you an ultimate sensory immersion.

More than just a simple TV, the TCL 65 also acts as an extension of your mobile and immediately provides you with all your smartphone assets on the screen. Thanks to the Google TV technology, you will be able to manage and take advantage of apps like Netflix, Youtube or Spotify directly on your display.

Picture quality

The TCL C835 TV is equipped with Mini LED precision backlight technology which delivers 1000 NITS – corresponding to the highest level of TV brightness quality. This high HDR performance allows you to take advantage of contrasts of colour on the entire screen.

The new Backlight Demura technology also makes the picture more uniform when the TV displays a single colour. It definitely makes a difference when you're watching things like a football game or a wildlife documentary.

And what would a good TV be like without a 4K resolution? The C835 and its 3840 x 2160 pixels deliver unbelievable clarity and clear details. Each scene gives you a feeling of total immersion, which makes the viewing very pleasant and almost addictive.

The technology behind the C835's pixels is a QLED. The significant advantage of QLED comes from the fact that this technology uses separate backlights, which means that each pixel creates its own light.

The first time we switched on our screen, we were immediately surprised by the brightness. Every single colour was so perfectly close to reality and appeared so natural to us.

To top it all off, the C835 is equipped with HDR10+ Technology, making colours even more dynamic. As a result, we often had the impression of discovering new colours and details that were not obvious before, enhancing our overall viewing experience.

Sound quality 

The TV's pristine sound quality sound comes from the famous Dolby Atmos technology. The speakers surround you with 360-degree sound, and you instantly find yourself projected in the heart of the action. It is probably the best current way to enjoy a concert live replay or watch an action movie.

Onkyo Audio is also integrated. This premium HiFi clarity technology manages all low frequencies with a built-in subwoofer.

Another good point to note is that the sound comes directly from the TV on its own, which is a must if you have to move it around a space.

Google TV

TCL succeeds in reaching every generation with Google TV technology. Thanks to this, anyone can enjoy the audiovisual services available on phones and devices through the TV. Watching the latest video from my favourite YouTuber has never been so satisfying.

Google TV also comes with hands-free voice control, which is very useful when you have a specific request or when you lose the remote under the sofa pillow.

The TCL 65″ C835 Mini is the ultimate modern viewing entertainment system. Combining innovative technology with crystal clear picture and sound quality, this TV is a must-have for anyone wanting to bring more immersion into their viewing experience.