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Hands-on review: The ROG STRIX Go 2.4 headset has it all
Mon, 11th May 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

People have different preferences when it comes to headsets, especially when considering the purposes and environments that headsets will be used. ASUS sent us this headset that claims to be the most versatile of all - whether that is rich connectivity, cross platform or even cross application usage. Can the ROG STRIX Go 2.4 really deliver its claims? Let's find out.

The ROG STRIX Go 2.4 headset itself weighs just 290g, with comfortable ear cups that provide decent isolation without trapping heat after long hours of use.

The audio presentation is great if you have chosen the correct path. Unlike conventional headsets, the ROG STRIX Go  2.4 offers you two complete different hearing experience via different connections. If you like clean and crisp Hi-Res Audio output, then pair it with a good DAC using 3.5mm input, you will not be disappointed.

If you prefer the extra space or simply want to immerse more into your games, then you should try going wireless. With the ROG STRIX GO 2.4, you virtually own two completely different headsets for the price of one, and switch simply by attaching the 3.5mm cable.

When going wireless, each full charge gives you up to 25 hours of use. It also fast charges for up to 3 hours of battery life in just 15 minutes if you forgot to charge after a long gaming session. No more interrupted communications when you simply need to walk over to the kitchen to grab a drink, as it offers up to 20m of quality reception; unlike Bluetooth headsets.

The latency has been minimised to almost negligible, where you are able to enjoy even rhythms games without missing a beat. The fact that it supports Nintendo Switch makes it a must have for every Switch gamer on the go. The ROG STRIX Go 2.4 is also foldable and includes a carry case, making it a great companion while playing outside.

If you are a fan of after effects or you desire to make fine adjustments yourself, then you have got to try out the bundled Armoury II software offering. You have control over volume, sample rate, equalizer, reverb, bass boost and mic settings. You can also adjust the idle timer, and view the battery level from it.

It is quite easy to navigate, however, if you prefer to use the headset without additional software, you are not missing much. Note that the Armoury II software only works under a wireless connection as the DSP is only present on the wireless side.

Of course, a quality headset cannot be without a quality microphone. The ROG STRIX Go  2.4 actually offer you two options as well. There is one hidden for communication on the go, and an attachable boom mic to record the fine details when you are home.

While both mics can be turned on and off on their own with a quick press of the volume wheel, the boom mic takes the lead when inserted. What's unique about these microphones is their AI noise-cancellation ability, where the recording will go through a deep-learning trained model to filter out everything in the background. Yes, that is everything from keyboard strokes and music playback, to human chatters in the background - ensuring crystal-clear voice communication for both work and play. And you have guessed it, this works on both microphones.

Overall, we quite enjoyed our experience with the ROG STRIX Go  2.4. The audio quality is great, comfortable and lightweight to an extent that I almost forgot it can also work wirelessly.  The battery life and wireless reception are great, with backup plans such as the 3.5mm jack and 15-minute quick charge rules out my concern with most wireless headsets; like what to do when I forget to charge.

The AI noise cancellation is by far the best I have experienced from any wireless gaming headset. Although the price may be a little dearer than conventional headsets, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. It is a very good investment in my point of view. I have no problems recommending this headset to readers.