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Hands-on review: Twelve South Curve Flex laptop stand
Tue, 20th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Nowadays, comfort at work is increasingly important, whether at home or in the office. 

Indeed, having suitable materials like a mouse, laptop, screen, headphones, laptop stands, and others may make you more efficient and improve your way of working.

To address this change in working, Twelve South has recently launched its new elegant MacBook stand, the Curve Flex, which will make your MacBook more flexible.

The goal of this new launch is in the name of the product; to allow users more flexibility in setting the ideal height and keyboard angle for their work.

With elegant curves, it has been designed to suit everyone thanks to the many options it offers.

For example, you can elevate your laptop screen and camera up to 22 inches, allowing you to align your second display for a more ergonomic workspace.

If you usually use nothing but a MacBook, you will be more comfortable with this stand, especially during a meeting or a call, by having a good level for your eyes; the camera can be at the desired height.

In addition, you can also adjust the keyboard angle from 0 to 45 degrees.

The Curve Flex folds flat and stores in a small included neoprene sleeve, which means you can take it everywhere with you, even if you are on the road. Whether in the office, a coffee shop, or at home, the stand is suitable for all your working environments.

Because form has always been as important as a function for Apple, the Curve Flex is available in two colours; matte black and matte white, so it can fit anywhere and match your MacBook. 
The Curve Flex also has a crossbar and a non-slip surface on the bottom to make it stable.

The stand is compatible with all laptops more than 8.66-inches wide and up to 3kg. In terms of dimensions, the Curve Flex has:

  • A width of 10.4inches (264mm)
  • A height when folded flat of 1.18inches (30mm) 
  • Size when unfolded of 10.78 inches (274mm)
  • A depth of 8.8-inches (224mm)
  • A space between base legs of 7.28 (185mm)
  • A weight of 1.75lb (28oz)

You can find the Curve Flex Stand, the Neoprene Travel Sleeve, and the Hex Hinge tool in the box. With this Curve Flex Stand, Twelve South has created a uniquely flexible and practical product that makes your work easier no matter where you choose to work from.