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Hands-on review: Ultimate Ears Hyperboom - it’s all about that bass

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a speaker that will attract a range of superlative comments. From physical size to the quality of the tone, the Hyperboom is a Bluetooth speaker masquerading as a stereo speaker. If life for you is a party just waiting to happen, you will find the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom an indispensable piece of kit. Doubtless, you already have your party mixes sorted on your device. Hyperboom allows you to pair up to 8 devices, meaning that your party-going friends can easily share their playlists as the mood progresses from pop to K-pop to heavy metal to R ‘n B.

I've been listening to Meghan Trainor, but now I am listening to the Super Deluxe Edition of Abbey Road (which in my opinion is the best album ever), grooving along to Ringo's great drum solo in The End and regretting that he didn't get more opportunities to show off his left-handed skills. Paul's bass is currently resonating through my spine and it's making even the palms of my hands tingle. Maybe it's time to reduce the volume a tad – yep, the neighbours are forming a lynch mob outside… Fortunately, the touch control gives you easy access to the volume and has provided me with endless hours of entertainment. It's yet another reason I want this Hyperboom so bad, it's driving me mad.

Just to prove I'm no square man, and that I'm cool, I've been listening to Spotify's Epic Bass Mix, with a bit of New World Sounds, Marnic, SCNDL and Pegboy Nerds mixed in. I haven't done so much head-banging in quite a while, but it's all in the name of technology.

I can confirm that as R3HAB say, “This is how we @#$(* party,” and your head will be ringing long after the music stops and the hangover is gone. I've switched to something more akin to my tastes and am now grooving along to Kellenberg Memorial High singing Heart of Worship, and the higher registered tones are just as crystal clear.

I've just downloaded the Boom App and selected Party mode so I have my Megaboom and Hyperboom speakers working in stereo. It really works well, and according to some YouTube reviews, it's even better with two Hyperboom speakers. I'm enjoying getting the surround sound effect in my study.

Even R3HAB's mix of “I Miss Myself” is appealing to me - with the syncopation really emphasised with the two speakers, causing a slight echo effect that has my head nodding along as I type in rhythm to the music. Thank heavens for spell check.


If you like to party in a variety of places, you'll love the portability of the Hyperboom, along with the Party option on the app which allows you to link other Ultimate Ears speakers. With one on its own, you'll be aware that despite the brilliant sound, you're using a single speaker. However, pairing up takes you to a different level, and if your budget will swing to two Hyperbooms, you will apparently have your socks blown off.

The Hyperboom weighs in at around 5 kilograms, so you'll be grateful for the handy handle. Make sure you do some bicep work in the gym and you'll be sweet.

The Hyperboom promises up to 24 hours of playback at moderate volume. Ramp it up to maximum and expect about three hours. It only takes just over two and a half hours to charge fully.  
If you're partying outside, the Hyperboom is rated as “splash proof” so don't float it in your pool like some other brands advertise. You'll also want to ensure that the weather door is fully closed if you're exposed to the elements.

The comparison between other ULTIMATE EARS products is quite an eye-opener. In terms of sound intensity, the Hyperboom rates at least 4 times the rating of the other ULTIMATE EARS speakers, with the website describing this speaker as having “super massive and extreme bass.” Dang, I was more than happy with my Boom speaker, but now I'm suffering from a dose of Bass envy.


Controls are placed in large friendly positions on top of the unit. I particularly loved the touch-sensitive volume controls which give the user perfect...er... control of the volume. You'll get it when you try it out, trust me. The app allows you even more finesse with the built-in five-band EQ.

Technical talk

Specification-wise, the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is impressive, able to even give your phone a charging boost if you're caught short during the party. The App includes a customisable five-band EQ as well as presets like “Base Boost” or “Game/Cinema.”  From the website, the audio specs are:

  • Max SPL (sound pressure level): 100 dBC
  • Freq UE range: 45 Hz - 20 KHz
  • Drivers: 2 x 114 mm woofers + 2 x 25 mm tweeters + 2 x 89 mm x 190 mm passive radiators
  • The wireless range is up to 45m, and it will remember up to 8 paired devices via Bluetooth 4.2 – 5.0. 
  • Dimensions 364mm(h) x 194mm(w) 

The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is not a cheap speaker, currently selling at just under $700. However, you're getting a lot of speaker for your money. I haven't even mentioned the Optical connection option or the convenient built-in carry strap. This is a speaker designed to put out some serious sound and coupled with the app it will give you a range of customisation. Pop into your nearest stockist, and like me, you'll come out singing, “I want you so bad it's driving me mad…”

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