19 Nov 2015
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Hands-on review: Corsair 2015 Gaming Range

By Sara Barker

Corsair has released its 2015 gaming range. Reliability, function and sound performance make Corsair products stand out from the crowd.

This review looks at three products from the range: the Void stereo gaming headset, the Void RGB wireless headset and the Scimitar gaming mouse.

Corsair Void Stereo Gaming Headset

I loved this headset for gaming, as well as watching films and music. What sets this headset apart from others is its exceptional bass and surround sound, which adds an element of immersion that exceeds what many cheap headphones and speakers are able to produce. The earcups are superbly comfortable to wear and I like that the volume control dial is situated right on the headset.

The microphone recording quality is very good. My recording software rendered loud and clear sound with no muffled sounds from breathing or movement. I could hear a slight bit of hiss through the headphones, but that can be turned down in the CUE software. The catch is that you are tethered to your computer by a very long cord.

Corsair Void RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

The bass and sound through this wireless headset is good, but it's not quite as good as what the Void Stereo headset provides. The slight degradation in quality is more than made up for by convenience of a wireless headset. I walked from one end of the house to the other and still hear everything with little drop in wireless signal, thanks to the wireless dongle's area booster.

There's an audible hum when using the headset and the microphone is very sensitive to breathing, but if you use the CUE software to turn down the sidetone, you can minimise the feedback.

The microphone's recording is very quiet so you must compensate by having a loud speaking voice. The headset's plastic build is also padded and comfortable to wear.

The Cue software is essential for headset customisation, especially since it provides the only accurate percentage indication of the headset's battery level.

The headset only sounds a series of beeps when the battery runs low and the LED light only shows three battery "blink" settings. The battery lasts 18.5 hours and takes 2.5 hours to recharge.

Corsair Scimitar RGB MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse

This excellent mouse is large and has plenty of buttons for every gaming situation. They're easy to push and click, while the mouse body handles and glides well. The twelve side macro buttons are small compared to the size of the mouse, but they do work as the most convenient macro buttons you could possibly want.

CUE Software

There are plenty of EQ options ranging from "movie theatre" to "clear chat" and "bass boost" so you can tailor your headsets' sounds to your audio environment.

You'll need this software to set up your audio, lighting profiles, macro and shortcut buttons, lighting and general settings for your Corsair devices. This will help you programme your Corsair products so you'll have a fantastic gaming experience.

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