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Hands-on review: Dyson Pure Hot+Coollink, my sinuses thank you

13 Oct 17

Every September, my throat gets scratchy, my nose starts to run and my eyes become irritated. I’m pretty sure that this never happened to Gerard Manley Hopkins.

He never had to endure the curse of the pine pollen, dusting our cars and every other surface, and generally making life one long miserable spate of Kleenex and antihistamine.

Dyson claims that the Dyson Pure hot+coollink will collect and trap harmful pollutants, while it “intelligently purifies, heats and cools you.”

For the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of testing this product. On a cool spring day, I set up the Dyson, programmed it to maintain a nice comfy 18ºC, downloaded the Dyson Link App from the App Store and generally had a play.

I can still remember my darling wife coming through to the living room and saying how “nice and warm” it was.

The Dyson also comes with a remote.

I used it once or twice until I remembered I could do everything from my phone.

From the Dyson Link App, I can view the level of particles in the air, and I can tell the Dyson just how sensitive I am to allergens and pollutants.

I can also schedule when I want the Dyson to operate and can control it remotely from my phone from anywhere. At this stage, I should add how simple it was to set up, once I actually decided to follow the instructions.

The Wi-Fi interface makes it extremely simple, and it was mere seconds before the Dyson became an integral part of our Smart House.

After about a week into this review, I noticed something.

I hadn’t used my eyedrops for days, and my Kleenex level was virtually full.  I had been rushing about all day before I noticed that I hadn’t noticed my trusty inhaler wasn’t in my pocket.

I’m not a medical person, but it didn’t take me long to make the connection.

Interestingly, we already operate a home filtration system. However, my nose, eyes and lungs inform me that the Dyson has taken the filtering to a superior level.

According to the graphs, the Dyson is maintaining our living room at a uniform temperature, and the level of irritants appears to be remaining low.

I had a little chuckle the other day when she-who-must-be-nursed demanded to know how I could review a product without turning it on. She hadn’t realised it had been running for days.

The only sound I can hear as I write this is a slight “swish” as the air passes through. The children out on the street are making far more noise through the double-glazed windows.  I admit that I have the “fan” on a low setting, but that appears to be fine in our living room.

I suspect that the Dyson will come into its own once Summer begins to heat up. I recall the sweaty nights of summers past and curse the idiot that put our heat pump in the living room and not the bedroom.  

(Note to ed: JP I really think I need to do an in-depth exposé on the Dyson until next April. ☺)

Somehow, though, I think they’re on to me.

This will be one product that will make its way back to the office sadly.

I’ve heard of Dyson’s reputation for excellent build quality and this product appears to confirm this. It sits inconspicuously in our living room, blending in nicely and not drawing attention to itself.

My eyes, lungs and sinuses have become the Dyson’s greatest proponents. I suspect they will play up once I return it to the office.

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