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Hands-on review: Super Lucky's Tale platforms jumps onto the Xbox One
Sat, 11th Nov 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Xbox One is usually seen as a console catered towards older gamers that love action video games. Well things are diversifying thanks to the release of the platform game called Super Lucky's Tale.

After releasing the very fun Cuphead a few weeks ago, Super Lucky's Tale is now another platform game for Xbox gamers to enjoy. However, this new game is more suitable for younger gamers.

If you read my review, you will know that Cuphead is a platform game suited for very hardcore gamers. Super Lucky's Tale is the exact opposite as it's a much easier experience for anyone in the family to play.

The game is similar in structure to many platform games that were released in the PSOne and N64 era. It's a game where you have to collect a lot of things before you are able to progress to the next level.

In this game, you have to collect many clover leaves that unlock new levels and boss fights. The problem I have with collecting the clover leaves is that a lot of backtracking is involved if you miss a few of them.  The game has a total of 99 leaves for you to collect. You can attain them by doing main objectives, securing the letters of 'LUCKY' hidden in each of the levels and more.

Needing to do the levels more than once can be very repetitive and boring. The levels aren't hard or long to do, but backtracking is never fun when you want to progress to the next level. It's a problem I also had with Recore too as the road blocks prevent gradual progression like most other video games do.

Despite the annoyance of backtracking, this game's gameplay is very simplistic and easy for people to enjoy. The levels are quite small much like 3D platform games in the '90s.

Lucky the fox is able to double jump and burrow underground. His abilities are able to defeat some enemies and jump over obstacles and more. However, his skills are quite limited and there's not much else to offer in terms of combat. This is as basic as a platform game could be.  Even though Super Lucky's Tale is an easy game, the thing that frustrated me the most is the fixed camera system. Sometimes the game forces you to play the level in the literal background and it can become hard for you to see gaps and holes.  I don't think I have ever played a side scrolling game before that forces you to do certain sections in the background. If you are to visit a new area, the camera should shift so you can see the action properly.

Despite its many flaws, what I do admire about this game are the pretty graphics and memorable soundtrack. This is one of the brightest and most colourful games you will ever play on the Xbox One.

The music is also very catchy and fits the atmosphere of the game perfectly. The game oozes a kid friendly charm that is sure to please parents with young children in the family.

The game also takes a page out of the Banjo Kazooie games where the characters talk gibberish while you read the comic book style subtitles. It truly has an old school feel to it.

Super Lucky's Tale is a fun game, but only in short bursts. It's not very challenging and sadly the level design and camera ruins what could have been a much better game. That said, it's a game that kids might like since it's easy and harmless.

Verdict: 6.0./10