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Hands-on review: World of Warriors clashes on PS4

Fri, 23rd Mar 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

World of Warriors was originally released on mobile phones and tablets, but now the game has clashed onto the PS4. Is this PS4 version of the game worth your time? Let's find out in our hands-on review.

As the name of the game suggests, you take control of many of history's best warriors from all around the world. This includes Ninjas, Samurai, Knights and other groups of that nature. Even though this might sound serious, it's not because this game has a kid friendly vibe thanks to the cute character design.

Every character looks like a small Japanese Chibi person, although that does not mean that they cannot still pack a powerful punch. Every character in the game has their own strengths, weaknesses and also special moves that you can dish out.

However, some players might not like the progression system in World of Warriors because it has an ecosystem similar to free to play mobile games. What this means is that you cannot play as the warriors you always want to be unless you grind a lot to try and unlock your favourite fighter(s).

For example, I really wanted to unlock the Ninja character but he's hard to get because he's rare and costs a lot of fragments to get. Unlocking characters is usually randomised so you never really know who you are going to get.  That said, the first warrior I got was a Middle Eastern fighter named Abu and he proved to be really helpful. I levelled him up quite a bit because he has a really helpful special move that spreads fire across his opponents. I found him more useful than the Egyptian fighter that lacked range and had a pretty useless special move.

Due to the childish presentation of the game, World of Warriors has a simplistic but additive and easy to follow combat system. Players are able to dish out close ranged combos, block and even parry and counter attack enemies. Certain warriors in the game are better than others so it pays to experiment with a lot of the fighters in the roster to find the one that suits your playing style the best.

In terms of gameplay, you are mainly thrust into arena style battles against other players or the A.I. Alternatively, most game modes in World of Warriors allow you to co-operate with a friend both offline or online to battles the waves of A.I. enemies.

I managed to play this game with my brother and we enjoyed it for quite a while. It's much better playing this game with a friend because it can get boring and repetitive just playing this all by yourself.  However, most of the missions start to feel the same the more you play through it. This repetition might get boring if you play for several hours, but it's still fun to play if you play it in short bursts instead.

Co-op also becomes almost essential if you want to tackle some of the big boss fights that this game has to offer. This is because some bosses can be a pain sometimes mainly when they call upon their army of cronies to usually help them out.

Much like the gameplay, World of Warriors also has a simple visual design that fits within the game's atmosphere. The only part of the visuals I didn't like is the use of the camera. This is because the camera fails to zoom out sometimes making it hard to see what's happening on the screen if two players are on the opposite side of the screen.

Anyway, World of Warriors PS4 is a fun little game that is to be enjoyed if you have a friend or two. As a solo experience, this game is quite shallow and very repetitive. That said, this game isn't a must play but it can be enjoyable if you wanting to play something small and simple.

Verdict: 6.5/10

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