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Thu, 5th Mar 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Smartphones can now give you an orgasm, so says sexual wellbeing brand Durex.

The company has revealed it is diversifying into digital technology ahead of a major product launch it claims could 'alter forever the sex lives of Kiwis'.

Durexlabs is the company's first significant step into the digital marketplace, with the division's manifesto being to embrace changing social behaviours and the paradigm of intimacy and mobile technology.

Durexlabs says it will 'imminently' announce what it describes as its first ‘game-changing' product, a ‘technological breakthrough' that will help users achieve an orgasm. No official date for the announcement has been set, although we are told it is expected some time in the coming week.

Durex asys the product was developed in partnership with tech entrepreneur Susie Lee, CEO of Siren Mobile.  “One of the leading lights in the world of mobile technology, Lee's expertise as a biochemist, biophysicist and visual artist have brought a fresh perspective on our evolving relationships with mobile technology,” Durex says in a statement.

Richard Arnold, head of research and development for Durex, says, “With our years of experience, we know sex. It was only natural for us to look at how we could combine this with digital technology.”

He says, “We took inspiration from modern habits and our ever growing reliance on portable technology for virtually everything in day to day life and our market research has identified a genuine desire for this technology in our sex lives.

Susie Lee, CEO of dating app Siren, says: “It's been such an incredibly exciting process working with Durexlabs. Through the proliferation of smart phones, social media and dating apps, technology has proven a hugely successful medium in bringing people together and maintaining close relationships.

“With Durexlabs we are taking the next vital step by embracing technology to amplify human connection in the bedroom and improve our sex lives,” she says.

Durex is looking for beta testers around the world, including New Zealand, to be the first to ‘experience this new breakthrough'. ‘