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Hitman Hart: Wrestling with shadows

HITMAN HART: WRESTLING WITH SHADOWS is a documentary from 1998 that culminated in the real-life fallout between Bret Hart and the WWE. It is without a doubt the most honest and thought-provoking documentary about the pro-wrestling industry ever made. You get to see how political the industry is and how some guys will go to any length to keep their "spot” in the main events. As most fans will know by now, Bret Hart was going to rival organisation WCW as WWE owner Vince McMahon could not guarantee Bret the amount they agreed on for his 20-year contract with the WWE. Bret Hart wanted to leave the WWE on a high note and was against losing to Shawn Michaels in his home country of Canada due to Michaels’ arrogant behaviour back then (along with Triple H and other members of "The Clique”). As we all know, Bret Hart didn’t get his way and Vince McMahon, along with a few others, devised a plan to "screw” Bret Hart out of the WWE for real. This fi lm is a good history lesson for those wanting to see what is arguably the most talked-about incident in the history of pro-wrestling. This DVD set marks the 10th anniversary of the original fi lm’s release and includes a 2008 interview with Bret Hart and the fi lmmaker, Paul Jay. There’s also an extra disc containing "The Life and Death of Owen Hart”. The most viewers will get from this set, however, is a history lesson. Bret Hart has since mended his relationships with both Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels and now regularly appears in WWE programming. Some of the material included on this documentary may be a little too outdated for some viewers, but this is a no-less compelling look at one of the most controversial moments in prowrestling history.

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