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Homefront: a first-person shooter with a huge difference - and it's not too far fetched
Tue, 1st Feb 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old


A first-person shooter with a difference, Homefront is set in the very near future and boasts a storyline that's not too far removed from the realms of possibility: what if North Korea and South Korea set aside their differences and invaded a United States reeling from the recession and the peak-oil crisis?


It's got a storyline that's bound to get you not only thinking, but angry. It's got an atmosphere and believability that will be difficult to top. It's got one of the coolest target-locator weapons for an FPS to date in the Goliath (a giant, heavily armed-and-armoured radio-controlled assault buggy).

And it's got a unique, 32-player multiplayer offering that will force players to either choose to spend their hard-earned Battle Points straight away on small arms for a quick advantage, or save them for a bigger pay-off in expensive power weapons. In a nutshell, it's got it all. Check out Game Console's hands-on preview at www.gameconsole.co.nz!