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How to access BBC iPlayer from New Zealand

BBC iPlayer is an amazing service provided by the BBC, which is free to use for UK residents. They do offer a global app for iPhone or iPad but that’s only available to Western Europe. Not really global aye!

Here’s how to access it from here in New Zealand so you can watch many more BBC programs then are normally available here in NZ.

Watching it on your computer is easy, our previous article about using Unotelly and its Dynamo addresses means that you can just go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer and you can access the TV programs if you have a Unotelly account.

But how do you get it on your phone, tablet, smart TV or Xbox 360 / PS3?


For your iOS device you’ll need an iTunes account for that country, watch out for that article soon.


  1. Install the UK UnoVPN service
  2. Turn on UK UnoVPN on your device.
  3. Go to Settings in Android
  4. Tap on Apps
  5. Tap on Google Play Store
  6. Tap Force Stop, Clear data, and Clear cache one by one.
  7. Open Google Play Store again.
  8. Select the UK account that you have created and added to your Android Device.
  9. Now you will see Apps from the UK. Download BBC iPlayer
Samsung Smart TV
  1. Guide
LG Smart TV
  1. Go to settings then option then smart tv settingsChange country for premium LG smart world, manualand choose UK
  2. You can check under premium version tab thatBBC iPlayer is listed.
  3. If you still have a problem go to settings, support,select initialisation of premium.
  1. Create a new account on your PS3
  2. Visit the Sony Play Station Store and set your country to United Kingdom.
  3. Exit the PlayStation Store and go to TV/Video Service -> My Channels.You should now see channels like BBC iPlayer available for download.
  4. Switch back to your old PS3 account to run the apps.
Xbox 360
  1. Xbox Live requires a valid US/UK IP to download certain apps, but UnoDNS does not change your IP; so using UnoDNS will result in an error message.
  2. Using UnoVPN share it from your computer to the Xbox using this guide
  3. Check you can access the internet
  4. Change your system locale to "United Kingdom" in System Settings
  5. Register for a Free (silver) Xbox Live account and set your Country to United Kingdom.
  6. Go to apps and download the iPlayer app
  7. Change back to your existing account
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