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How to take your business mobile

For some time, the talk around technology in business has centred on the benefits to be gained from going mobile.

However, while it’s pretty easy to walk into a store and buy an iPhone or iPad, using it effectively is a whole other matter.

That’s why business software vendor Filemaker is running a series of free tutorials around New Zealand over the next two weeks, to help business owners understand how they and their employees can improve their effectiveness using mobile devices.

All tutorials start with registration at 8:30, with the first session kicking off at 9. Finish is at 12 noon, and the dates are as follows:

February 28 – Tauranga

February 29 – Hamilton

March 1 – Auckland

March 5 – Wellington

March 6 – Nelson

March 8 – Christchurch

March 9 – Dunedin

If you’re interested in learning the basics about mobility, and how the right apps can create a mobile dashboard for your office, you can register here or get in touch with Aaron Smithson on 0800-782-669 or at this email address.