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iHusband... Can iPhone 6 save 20 years of marriage?

A love torn Polish man hopes queuing for 44 hours to secure an iPhone 6 will help save his marriage following a recent split with his wife.

Standing outside the Cabot Circus Apple store in Bristol, UK for nearly two days, Dariusz Wlodarski was first in line to buy the eagerly anticipated smartphone - in a desperate bid to save 20 years of marriage.

"She told me she would like an iPhone 6 because it had a bigger screen but realised we could not afford it, but still, I want to buy it for her,” says Wlodarski, who admits his wife left because he valued possessions more than his family.

“I didn’t know how important family was to me. I did so many things wrong and I want to say sorry to my wife and daughter that I wasn’t as good as I could.”

Clutching his iconic white Apple bag, Wlodarski hopes sticking to his promise of buying Mrs Wlodarski an iPhone will act as a catalyst for a reunion.

Unemployed and paying for the smartphone on his credit card, Wlodarski was welcomed into the store by cheering Apple staff, after arriving a whole day before any other customer to seal the deal.

“Lots of people in the queue were very happy but it was different for me because of the circumstances,” he recalls.

“It took me a while to realise what really mattered - and that is my family. My wife said to me I should remember that it is now “things” that matter, that I was worrying too much about saving for things, and she was right.

“I know an iPhone is another "thing", but I told her I would get her one and I wanted to keep my promise.”

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