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iOS App Review: Heads UP!

If you’ve ever watched Ellen DeGeneres’ show, you may have seen her play a game called Heads Up!

If not, you should pop onto YouTube and have a looksee.

This isn’t a game to play with yourself however – you need at least one other person, but it’s most fun when you play in a big group.

The app is a guessing game where you use your actual phone as the trivia card, on your forehead. Then you simply tilt your phone up if you guessed correctly, or down if you were wrong.

There’ll be a name on the card and your job is to guess it, while the other players give you clues.

From Pop Stars, to Icons and Legends, song titles, movie titles – there are seven “decks” to choose from. You get 60 seconds to play each round, and at the end of it you can see how many you got right.

Now you do need to know a bit of current pop culture. There are some oldies in there but if you don’t know who J-lo is or who The Biebs is, you might find it a bit tricky.

And, like most games, it’s very US-based, so keep that in mind.

It’s a great family game, but we play at work. Every day. At 3pm. And the fun part is that while you’re holding your phone up to your head (yeah, you will feel like a bit of a dork, but who cares), your phone will video tape the people in front of you, shouting out clues.

Watch that back and their desperate expressions are pretty priceless.

Available on iPhone 3GS and above, iPod touch and iPad, you’ll need iOS 5 or later. I haven’t had any bugs and it runs pretty smoothly.

It’s a basic game that’s lots of fun, and so far we haven’t had any repeated lists of clues.

Can’t wait til three o’clock…

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