22 Apr 2014
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iOS Review: QuizUp

By Shannon Williams

Challenge your friends or connect with people from around the world in the best real-time trivia game ever. Ever. No more stupid logo-only quiz apps, or movie title-only quiz apps. QuizUp has everything. It’s so cool.

With over 365 topics from history, TV shows, sports, music, and new topics being added all the time, you’ll be entertained and challenged for hours at a time.

With favourite topics such as TV Shows, Books, video games and board games, there is just absolutely so much to choose from. I don’t know how anyone could ever get through it all.

As well as the quiz game, you can chat to people in forums about your favourite topics and quizzes. A great way to talk to people with similar interests to you and to set up a really fun challenge. Like most apps these days, you can sign up with email or via Facebook. This way you can challenge your Facebook friends who have the app too.

When you start a challenge, you will be presented with a question with four possible answers. You get points for the correct answer as well as the speed in which you answer it. There are seven questions, and you can see after each question how many points you got, compared to how many your challenger got. The questions are simple and easy to read, and all you need to do to answer is tap on one of the boards. After the match you can decide to have a rematch.

The more you play, the more points you get to increase your level. Starting in beginner, work your way up the different levels to novice, ardent activist, “whiplash” and so on.

It’s really fun and you can actually just play forever. The quizzes are short so you don’t get bored and there are just so many different topics. Highly recommended.

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