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iPhone 8 images leaked, potential design exposed
Tue, 23rd May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A brand new leak has revealed what the iPhone 8 range will look like.

New images which appear to be the molds used to make the new iPhone models have hit the web, after surfacing on Slashleaks. The pics give us a sneak peek at what could be the final design of the upcoming iPhone 8.

These images aren't the only photos of the iPhone 8 molds. Graphic designer and leaker Benjamin Geskin also posted photos of the molds, which look just like the mockup model he first shared last month.

The molds show the three models expected from Apple in its next iPhone cycle: a 7S and 7S Plus with the same dimensions as the current 7 range, and the new iPhone 8 handset in the middle. The 8 is expected to take advantage of close edge design for more screen space, much like the infinity display of the Samsung Galaxy S8.   

The 7S and 7S Plus models have the same camera orientations as the current models, while the 8 has the expected vertically-oriented design that was teased in the photos of the dummy units.

The leaked images also suggest the next iPhone's fingerprint sensor won't be on the back of the device (Samsung did this on their S8 phone and it's kind of a disaster) but, like the size of the screen, there's no way to know from just a production mold. It is expected to be under the display or integrated into the power button on the side of the phone.

These photos give the rumors of the "finalized" version of the iPhone 8 that've been floating around some more legitimacy, but ultimately this could mean nothing. We won't truly know until Apple makes an official announcement, which is expected to be around September this year.