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iPhone owners warned of iOS 8 prank

If you’ve been online today, you've probably seen posts with instructions for a supposedly new iOS 8 feature called "Apple Wave".

Chances are also good that you’ve never heard of it before, no matter how seasoned an Apple user you may be. That’s because it doesn’t exist.

The AppleWave “feature” is in reality a hoax aimed at coaxing gullible iPhone owners into destroying their phone. Users are encouraged to put their phones in a microwave for a faster battery charges.

The reality is that they’ll not only fail to charge their phone, but will probably destroy it and trash their microwave.

Even more seriously nuking their iPhones could also cause a larger and far more dangerous fire should the iPhones battery ignite.

Regardless of what people are saying on Twitter, FaceBook or Google +, there is no way that a software update can change hardware. Microwaving your iPhone mightn't add battery power, but it will leave you buying a new phone, microwave and house.