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It's about time! Crash Bandicoot is back and looking better than ever
Tue, 23rd Jun 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

After 24 years and many different games, everyone's favourite orange bandicoot will be back – in October, and only on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Backed by Activision and Toys for Bob, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is bound to bring a sparkle to the eyes of millions of fans around the world in a new platformer game that harks back to the days of the original trilogy.

It takes place after Crash Bandicoot Warped, which saw Neo Cortex, Dr. N. Tropy and Uka Uka last stranded on a distant planet.

Now they've finally escaped, although they have ripped an ‘evil scientist-sized hole in the fabric of space-time'.

“Crash Bandicoot. You banished me to the past but all it did was give me more time to plan your doom,” says Neo Cortex in a teaser video.

Players will be able to experience Crash or Coco as playable characters, and even Neo Cortex will apparently be playable too.

“Loyal fans have been patiently waiting to see the journey continue for their favourite marsupial, and we're giving players the completely new experience they deserve with Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time,” says Activision's president Rob Kostich.

“Our teams have delivered two awesome remastered Crash Bandicoot experiences and the community passion for the series continues to be incredible. Now it is time to turn the page and give players something entirely new.

Well, new to some degree. There are familiar themes like the jungle, underwater, prehistoric, futuristic levels, and a lot of the obstacles remain true to the Crash world – think rafts, dash levels, wumpa fruit, boss fights, and those pesky nitro crates…The promotional video also shows a very different kind of Aku Aku guide, who's blue of all colours…

Players will also help characters navigate different worlds and gameplay mechanics like wall running, rail grinding and rope swinging.

“Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time stands on the shoulders of the core precision gameplay we all fell in love with in the 90s,” says Toys for Bob co-studio head Paul Yan.

“This epic new adventure spans space and time, introducing new ways to platform that both long-time fans and new players alike will enjoy mastering. Get ready to fall in love with the mutant marsupials all over again!

And if you haven't yet experienced the glory of the original trilogy, these have been remastered for modern day consoles and PC, so go check them out.