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Jabra’s environment-aware headphones hit Aotearoa
Mon, 1st Jul 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Jabra has launched its new Jabra Elite 85h headphones in New Zealand.

The headphones are engineered with Jabra SmartSound, based on audEERING context intelligence technology and include Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Jabra's HearThrough technology, which enables users to decide how much of the outside world penetrates through to the listener.

SmartSound adjusts the audio of the Elite 85h automatically based on surroundings.

The Elite 85h headphones include a 36-hour battery life (with ANC activated), advanced 6-microphone call technology, and 40mm custom-engineered speakers for a quality acoustic experience and durability, and one-click Voice Assistant Control

It has been engineered to meet the challenges that users face in the real world.

In today's digitally-connected society, noise overload is considered one of the key factors affecting personal wellbeing.

Jabra's SmartSound technology tackles noise pollution through their part ownership of the intelligent audio analysis company, audEERING.

The relationship allows Jabra to include environmental adaptation into the Elite 85h headphones, creating a personalised audio experience.

Jabra SmartSound is based on audEERING's context intelligence technology, which uses real-time acoustic scene analysis of environmental sounds.

The technology can detect more than 6,000 unique sound characteristics and uses this to adapt audio output to each specific context.

It will select one of the three moments: ‘Commute', ‘In Public' or ‘In Private' for consistent audio.

Users can personalise their calls and music settings through Jabra's Sound+ app, which will remember their preferred settings within the mode for future similar situations.

The microphone solution combined with the Jabra Sound+ app creates a quick Voice Assistant access experience. Users only need to touch a button on the headphones to interact with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

“A key challenge for people on-the-go is consistency in voice, call and audio quality in every environment, whilst ensuring the best voice interaction and connectivity – to allow for either total concentration or relaxation,” says Jabra ANZ managing director David Piggott.

“Our Elite range represents the best-in-class products for calls and music. With SmartSound, we can deliver high quality, intelligent calls and music experiences, wherever you are. The Elite 85h is a fantastic headset that will change the way we listen to sound and overcome noise challenges in the future.