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JBL launches immersive JBL Land on Roblox focusing on audio creativity
Wed, 13th Mar 2024

JBL has announced the launch of JBL Land, an immersive new world within the popular online platform, Roblox. Built with a deep emphasis on sound, JBL Land permits players to explore, generate, and celebrate their individual audio preferences. The peerless realm synergises music, gaming, and creativity, augmenting avatar personalisation and gameplay via its unique sonic dimension.

Daniel Lee, Chief Marketing Officer at JBL, asserted, "By launching JBL Land on Roblox, we are giving our community tools for digital self-expression through sound. Not only can players explore the land as they customise their avatars, they can also create their own unique sound identity. As our iconic brand steps into the virtual world of Roblox, we embrace new opportunities to further activate brand partnerships and events, and make them accessible to more people. We are thrilled to enter the virtual world of Roblox as we connect with a new generation of audio lovers on new platforms."

Adding to the anticipation, the interactive environment includes acknowledgement of local singer/songwriter Athanasia of JBL BE HEARD Youtube series fame. In JBL Land, elements of her recent single "BET I SEE IT" and its music video are intricately woven into her NPC, signifying JBL's commitment to promoting emerging artists. This provides players a chance to collect parts of the song, contributing to an increased embodiment of languaging within the game.

Designed as a vivid expanse, JBL Land enables users to play games and earn and uncover Soundbytes; short audios that can be anything from a reggaeton beat to a playful puppy woof or JBL's signature Power-up sound. These bytes can be mixed by players to fabricate their exclusive tracks, which are then added to Jukeboxes strewn across the land making the overall soundtrack a community-driven aspect of the game.

JBL Land will also house a dedicated JBL Shop, stocked with exclusive virtual in-world merchandise including wearable items like headphones and portable speakers that further enhance the Roblox experience. This feature allows players to use their JBLZ or Robux currencies to acquire these exclusive items.

Upon its launch, JBL Land will introduce three dynamic games, each designed to portray the enriching power of sound. There's much anticipation for these debut games with more content intended to be introduced as JBL Land expands. JBL has collaborated with the creator Robuilds to produce a short film entirely within JBL Land, guiding the audience on an audio-rich adventure.

In line with its rich heritage in music and sound, JBL Land will host special Roblox activations throughout the year. These will feature the JBL Snow Party game, the JBL Tomorrowland activation, the JBL Music Academy quest, and virtual presentations for new products, offering diversified engagements with participants.

JBL Land officially opened to the public on 21st February 2024, setting the stage for greater play, creation, and networking in a world of unrestricted music.