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JBL takes Quantum leap into NZ gaming audio market

JBL Australia/New Zealand, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harman International and Samsung Electronics has launched the JBL Quantum range of gaming headsets and PC speakers in New Zealand.

The JBL Quantum headset range includes options for both casual and competitive gamers, from wired to wireless, and entry to professional levels, while the JBL Quantum DUO gaming speakers will fill the room with sound and lighting effects.

All headsets are fully compatible with any gaming system, including PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, mobile and VR.

“We are very excited to be announcing the launch of the JBL Quantum Gaming products. This is the culmination of several years of research and development on behalf of our design team,” says Harman brand activation manager Michael Sherman.

“Esports and gaming have surged to the forefront in recent years which has accelerated over the COVID-1919 lockdown period. The decision by Sport New Zealand earlier this year to recognise Esports as an official sport will only further advance its status and legitimacy which one day may rival traditional sports. We at Harman are looking to further enhance the gaming experience and establish a new benchmark in this evolving space.

The ONE, 800, 600, 400 and 300 are all compatible with JBL's proprietary personalisation software.

See the bottom of the article for a full specification comparison.

JBL Quantum ONE

The ONE wired headset is the highest spec of the range.

It has 3.5mm standard headphone jack or USB connectivity, a detachable boom mic, and includes active noise cancelling (ANC) and 20Hz-40Hz frequency response range.

It is the only headset in the Quantum range with head-tracking to complement the surround sound capability.

The JBL Quantum ONE is $549.95 RRP.

JBL Quantum 800 

The wireless 800 headset is the only headset in the range to include Bluetooth as a connectivity option as well as 2.4GHz wireless.

It includes ANC, 14-hours battery life, surround sound and a boom mic, and a frequency response range of 20Hz-40kHz

The earcups are leather-wrapped, memory foam cushions.

The JBL Quantum 800 is $399.95 RRP.

JBL Quantum 600 

The 600 wireless headset is the lower-spec version of the 800, missing the ANC and Bluetooth capabilities, but keeping the wider frequency response range.

The JBL Quantum 600 is $249.95 RRP

JBL Quantum 400

The wired 400 headset includes 3.5mm or USB connection options, and surround sound, with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, as do the rest of the range.

The JBL Quantum 400 is $169.95 RRP.

JBL Quantum 300

The 300 offers similar specs as the 400, without USB built-in, but it does come with a USB audio adapter.

The JBL Quantum 300 is $149.95 RRP.

JBL Quantum 100 - 200

The 100 and 200 are the lowest range and so come without any of the bells and whistles.

The 200 includes a boom mic, while the 100 does not. Both have 3.5mm connections and the 200 comes with a splitter for input/output if needed.

JBL Quantum 100 is $64.95 RRP and the 200 is $99.95 RRP.

JBL Quantum Duo

The Duo are 2-channel PC speakers with 2.5” neodymium drivers and tweeters and RGB light effects.

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