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Land Rover’s latest and greatest… phone?

Land Rover recently made a surprise announcement that they are releasing their very own niche smartphone. 

The new Land Rover Explore mobile phone is supposedly tough and capable, like the Discovery SUV that inspired it.

Needless to say, many consumers are sceptical about this new entry to the market.

However, the Explore isn’t catering to every consumer, instead, it aims to get a monopoly on the outdoorsy adventurer segment.

Designed with cues from the Land Rover Discovery, the Explore smartphone is at home on an outdoor adventure, navigating for users as they go further and stay out for longer.

A 4000mAh battery supposedly gives a full day worth of hiking, biking or skiing with the screen on constantly and GPS navigation mapping activated on the five-inch HD display. 

Battery life can be doubled by using an Adventure Pack that also boosts the reliability and accuracy of the GPS signal and improves the mapping.

Drop-tested to 1.8 metres with a factory-fitted screen protector, it can survive underwater, including salt water and can cope with extreme temperatures, humidity, thermal shock and vibration exposure. 

This level of protection ensures the device can survive heavy downpours or muddy trails and will continue to work, keeping users connected.

Jaguar Land Rover director of branded goods Joe Sinclair says, “This the smartphone we’d all like to own, a perfect combination of design and functionality that embodies the Land Rover DNA and enables customers to be outdoors for longer, with the confidence to go further.”

The Android-powered phone’s home screen has a customisable outdoor dashboard for instant access to weather information and data from the device’s sensors. 

The full HD screen works in bright sunlight and can be controlled with gloves or wet fingers. 

It is also fully compatible with all Land Rover in-car apps.

Other hardware packs are available for the Land Rover Explore, including a large 4370mAh additional battery and a universal bike mount.
The Land Rover Explore launches with the Adventure Pack, bringing GPS handheld capabilities to the smartphone straight out of the box. 

It will be available to order in April 2018.

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