01 Jul 2015
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LEGO Jurassic World is dinosaur sized fun

By Damian Seeto

LEGO Jurassic World is one of the better video games out there that are based on a popular movie license.  Games based on movies are usually bad. Thankfully, this rule never affected the LEGO brand of video games. Developer Traveller's Tales has made fun LEGO video games based on properties such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings just to name a few. 

Despite having the name "LEGO Jurassic World", the game actually includes all four movies from the Jurassic Park movies. Yes, even the two not-so-popular movies have been added in to this game.  Adding all four movies in LEGO Jurassic World makes the game even more fun as you get more levels to play and a ton of characters to play with as well. Pretty much all of the major cast members are playable in this game.  Not only that, but Jurassic World gives you to chance to play as various dinosaurs too. The cool velociraptors from Jurassic World are playable and have lots of unique abilities. Other movies allow you to play as a Triceratops and even a T-Rex sometimes too. 

What makes LEGO Jurassic World so fun is the gameplay. Even though this game is marketed for kids, this doesn't mean it includes simplistic gameplay. This is far from your average platform game.  LEGO Jurassic World's level design is excellent because there are a lot of puzzles you have to solve. The puzzles force you to rotate and play as all of the characters as each of them have their own unique abilities.  One of the more humorous parts of the game is when you see dinosaur droppings. Sometimes you need to find a key inside the droppings to open a door. Some characters refuse to go near it, while others will gladly dive in like it's nothing.  When you are not playing in one of the levels from the movies, you can actually explore the dinosuar parks. Traveller's Tales actually recreated both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World and they look great when you visit them. Even the islands from The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 are movie accurate too.  Another thing that LEGO Jurassic World does well is that they capture the spirit of the movies perfectly. Every memorable scene from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World has been added. The game even improved scenes from The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3. Those latter movies are boring, so the game adds a more humorous touch to them. They even make up some original scenes of their own as well.  LEGO Jurassic World also offers a lot of replayability. Even after completing the main story, you can play through the levels again to try and unlock secrets and new playable characters and dinosaurs.  Much like every other LEGO game, a friend can join in at any time to help you out. They can drop in and drop out whenever they feel like it. If the A.I. isn't responding, a human player can jump in and aid you.  There aren't many flaws I can highlight with LEGO Jurassic World. Some might say the gameplay is too similar to all of the other LEGO games. Some of the puzzle elements seem like they have been ripped out from previous games. I also encountered a few glitches here and there where my character walked through a gate they when they weren't supposed to. Apart from that, the flaws do not ruin the overall gameplay experience.  If you are a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, you will instantly fall in love with LEGO Jurassic World. The game pays homage to the whole franchise greatly. Fans both young and old will find some enjoyment in playing this game.  Verdict: 8.5/10  

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