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Let’s Play Live And PlayStation NZ holding video game tournaments at Auckland Armageddon Expo

12 Oct 2018

If you are good at FIFA 19, Tekken 7 or NBA 2K19, you’ll be happy to know a tournament will be held for each game during the 2018 Auckland Armageddon Expo. 

Let’s Play Live (LPL) has teamed up with PlayStation NZ to announce the PlayStation Plus Friendlies competition for FIFA 19, Tekken 7 and NBA 2K19

32 people can sign up for each of the tournaments. 16 people can register on the day while another 16 can register now online. If you miss out on the online registrations, make sure you come early to avoid missing out!

Here’s the prize info and days of competitions: 

1st Prize each day is a PS4 Pro Console, 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription, a Trophy, and bragging rights! 2nd Prize each day is a Limited Edition DualShock 4 Controller & 12 Month PS Plus Subscription. And the Semi-Finals runner ups (3rd & 4th) will receive a 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription each.   Head here to sign up for one of the 16 pre-registration spots:

FIFA 19 (Saturday 20th October 12-3pm at Armageddon Auckland)

Tekken 7 (Sunday 21st October 12-3pm at Armageddon Auckland)

NBA 2K19 (Monday 22nd October 12-3pm at Armageddon Auckland)   Make sure you arrive early for the tournaments each day and be respectful to your opponents. An entry pass to the Auckland Armageddon Expo is also required. To read more about this competition, you can visit the official website.   

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