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Local start-up aims to redefine who can create VR
Wed, 13th Sep 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A South Australian start-up has developed a new internet platform designed to completely open up the prospective use cases for virtual tours.

The company is called Augment space, and they say their platform can be used by anyone to easily upload 360-degree photos and create interactive virtual tours and walkthroughs.

The tools are currently compatible with 360-degree cameras - with a plan to include all mobile devices in the future - and the finished tours can be viewed on a range of platforms including mobile devices and desktop computers.

Augment Space co-founder and chief executive officer Akash Nigam says the platform is ideal for showing off a property or development.

“The platform can be used by anyone, and for multiple purposes such as tracking progress during a home renovation, promoting a home for sale, routine rental inspections or showcasing a major construction project,” he says.

“Your virtual tour can be shared on social media or embedded on a website, and you can invite other users – from anywhere in the world – to join or view your project.

The company also says the platform has a minimum cost of $10 per month (plus GST).

Michael McDonald, Raine and Horne South Australia general manager says, “Whilst virtual tours have been around for a while now, they are usually prohibitively expensive and technically difficult to do yourself.

“This new platform is special because above all it is adaptive to more common technologies such as a phone or tablet which will allow us to offer our customers value for money virtual tours on properties. We already have six Raine - Horne offices signed up to use it.

Nigam adds “We ensure all of our users have access to the latest platform updates and upgrades.

“The platform also allows users who share their virtual tour on social media or a website to track the number of views and interactions, which can deliver an insight into the level of interest in your project,” he says.

“You can easily add a floor plan to your video, delivering a significant advantage for real estate agents or private home sellers wanting to showcase a property especially those in more rural locations.