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01 Sep 2010

WORD OF WARNING: your girlfriend will not be happy you forked out this much cash on a headset. Luckily, it cuts out so much external noise that you’ll fi nd it hard to care as she screams at you. The G930 headset from Logitech is the Ferrari of gaming audio: high performance, excessive in every sense and everyone will laugh at how much you spent on it. But, for your money you certainly get a whole lot of hardware – and software, for that matter. The G930 has fully enclosed headphones that pump out 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, which is absolutely mind-blowing once you’ve got it working. Unfortunately, not unlike our aforementioned Ferrari, you’re going to need a bit of sound knowledge to get the most out of them. Physically, they’re not the most subtle of gadgets. In fact, wearing these will make anyone think a stealth bomber decided to land on your head. But Logitech has put about as many buttons as can fi t on these things. There are the patented ’G Keys’, which can be assigned to any command you can think of, a nice volume switch, and additional switches for muting the microphone and toggling surround sound. Like other Logitech peripherals, the G930 really shines when used in conjunction with the bundled software. The voice morphing module is pretty darned entertaining and does a good job of freaking out (more likely creeping out) your online gaming competition. And to boot, these headphones are full-on wireless with a solid eight hours of battery life and huge range. When compared with the very similar G35 wired headphones, the G930 stands strong in the fi delity of its audio. The range? Yeah, it’s huge. PROS: Heaps of hardware and software features. Awesome sound over a huge range. Long battery life. CONS: A little harsh on the wallet. VERDICT: This headset is defi nitely top of the line and near impossible to fault.