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MAPS.ME launches a new reviewing platform
Thu, 2nd Nov 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

MAPS.ME is a service that features offline maps and navigation for mobile devices, based on data provided by OpenStreetMap.

It is now launching its own platform with user reviews and ratings.

Users will be able to rate and review all kinds of sites, from restaurants and cafes to museums, hotels, stores, clubs, beaches and waterfalls.

Using MAPS.ME, travellers will be able to quickly select places to visit, based on feedback from other users.

Reviews and ratings will be available for more than 50 object types in six categories.

Users can view ratings and read reviews even when offline: all they have to do is download maps in advance.

This is especially valuable when travelling abroad since it helps avoid data roaming charges.

Users don't need to search for recommendations online, they can just open the map.

Any user can rate and review a place he or she has visited: all it takes is signing up with the service.

Reviews can be created and edited without internet connection: it will be uploaded toMAPS.ME database when a user is online.

For some objects, MAPS.ME offers multiple evaluation criteria, for example, a restaurant visitor will be able to rate service, atmosphere, and cuisine.

Thus, a traveller will know immediately what to expect from a place just by looking at its details.

Eugene Lisovsky, MAPS.ME CEO says, “MAPS.ME uses the data provided by OpenStreetMap, which is constantly updated by dozens of thousands of volunteers around the world.

“By adding objects to the map, our users help other travellers discover new exciting places and routes.

“Offering our users the option to rate and review places they've visited is a logical development of our ecosystem, where travellers help each other.

In addition, MAPS.ME is launching a web catalogue of establishments.

MAPS.MEapps, information about businesses and places will be available via the website, thus enabling travellers to plan their trip using MAPS.ME on any platform.