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Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

01 Oct 2005

An Epic war has struck the Marvel universe....and its outcome is in your hands! Based around an unique comic-book written (art by comic-legend, Jae Lee) for the game itself, Marvel Nemesis allows gamers to battle it out with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man and more, in an authentic and cinematic fashion.

The fighting game is designed to be easy to pick up, without a lot of time spent learning complicated controls. You have a standard block button, one attack button, a jump button, and a throw button, which can also be used to pick up items around the environment and toss them at your opponent. While those controls sound simple, that’s a little deceptive.

The triggers are used as modifiers, which change each one of the buttons to do different things. One trigger is used for your superhero powers and depending on which character you’re fighting with, the effect changes. For Wolverine, it makes his claws come out. Iron Man will shoot beams, Spider-Man shoots his webs, and so on. It will also beef up your throws, for example letting you pull off a super block that deflects all attacks and breaks combos.

The other trigger is a mobility button that will also tap into your superhero powers. This is how you get Spider-Man to start swinging around on webs and Wolverine and Captain America to speed up.

While the game contains many superheroes from the Marvel universe, like Iron Man, Venom, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, there will also be a set of all-new characters called the Imperfects, which will round out the game’s 18-character roster.

These guys tie in to the game’s storyline like so: A scientist from an alien world is ousted when his world is overrun, and he flees to Earth. Once there, he takes up the task of creating the perfect warrior, which he’ll use to take back his planet. Over the course of his experimentation, he fails more than a few times, creating a series of not-quite-super guys known as the Imperfects.

He eventually succeeds and creates a woman that’s the perfect warrior. Well, perfect except for the part where she escapes. The Imperfects and the Marvel guys then set out to find her and bring her back. The graphics in the game literally look devastating as you pummel each other into the ground. There is also a range of fully interactive and destructible fighting arenas that include scenarios from the Marvel comics to New York City landmarks - resulting in an environment that can be used to your advantage.

Further more, with a selection of unlockable content and online play for both the PS2 and XBox, Marvel Nemesis could be every Marvel’s fan dream come true. There is also a PSP version of the game in the works that will offer exclusive levels and characters.